Our Team

Meet Our Team – the force that sails the ship! Know about our team members who work endlessly to bring you the fascinating stories from around the world.

Global Fashion Street

Kiran Chopra, Founder Editor-in-Chief

The name behind GlobalFashionStreet.com, Kiran Chopra has been exploring the field of writing for the last 20 years. She is a creativoholic- a self-coined term that best describes her. A sculptor, art curator, traveler, photographer, film maker and an outreach expert, Kiran makes her own rules to rule her life!

Amarpreet Singh, Team Head- Tech.

Amar is an avid technology man. With 12+ years in the virtual world, making websites and developing designs, he works to create stuff that synonyms perfection. When he is not fiddling with technology he is busy creating a design. The only other thing he loves is travelling.

Lokesh Chopra, Columnist

A complete foodie by choice, Lokesh likes to indulge in trying new and interesting recipes from all cuisines. Coming from the corporate world, what started as a de-stress call, soon became a passion. Today, he has his own fanfare waiting for him to start his own eatery.

Dassa L, Head Outreach & Social Media

Dassa L is a Fashion Choreographer with 20 years of experience. He is also an ardent fan of music who loves to sing and took it up professionally. He is a multi-faceted talent who believes in learning and growing every single day.