Fun Ways to Make Travel Memories Last Forever

Read on to know how to truly capture those travel moments

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There’s nothing like travelling, we all know that. But how many of us are truly able to enjoy those moments? Or for that matter even capture them apart from just a click? So, here’s a list of fun ways to make your memories brighter and more enjoyable every time you would turn back. We bring you some fun ways to make travel memories last forever.

Fun ways to make your memories last forever- know how to truly capture those travel moments - Global Fashion Street

A phone with camera or a camera with the internet. Either ways the pictures on your social platforms are more an announcement than a memory. Albeit fun is, when you can relive that moment forever. Try this for a change. Click that moment, take a print out and paste it in your diary! That’s a memory special to you.

Have you tried creating your very own ‘Little Black Book’?

A diary that would hold dear small memories of a café or time spent in a museum? Maybe you could just sit in a café, sip and soak in the energy around, look at the culture and put all those thoughts in your mind on paper. And subsequently, paste that paper in your diary when you get back. No need to carry the diary all the time in case you find it adding to your bag-bulk. There’s no need for you to do a daily writing. Just penning down some thoughts somewhere will bring back memories of the whole trip when you take a read down the memory lane!

Fun ways to make your memories last forever- know how to truly capture those travel moments - Global Fashion Street

Enjoy the Trip for Years to Come| Pixabay

Mapping it Out

Another fun idea, if you have world travel on your mind, is to start highlighting places on the world map. But there’s a catch. This map shouldn’t be just a poster for your wall. Buy a foldable map that can go in your diary. Then its a treasure! A treasure for your generations to come and explore places in your style.

Create your own Travel magazines

Put together your thoughts as small articles on places you visited or people and culture that you observed. Add to it some great pictures of the place and your edition is ready! You could even make it as different editions based on different travels.

Fun ways to make your memories last forever- know how to truly capture those travel moments - Global Fashion Street

In fact you can also make a series of your travels into individual Scrapbook albums for every travel that you make and let them not sit pretty in your data card, rather, take out the prints and make coffee table books for your guests and yourself to enjoy anytime.

Perhaps the oldest yet the most enjoyable style is to make a scrapbook– pick stuff during your travel and paste them in the scrapbook it could be a leaf or a flower or ticket or a bill. The Classic Polaroid camera is by far still the sweetest way to capture the moment and have in hands.

Fun ways to make your memories last forever- know how to truly capture those travel moments - Global Fashion Street

Bring back picture postcards

Another great idea is to go vintage and post cards just this time let the postcards be the printouts of your pictures. And if you are tech person, the best way is to use the note app or any other app that lets you document your day with pictures and notes.

So, get going and this time, make the trip last forever!

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