The complete guide to San Gimignano – Valuable Travel Tips

Discover the best things about this beautiful Tuscan town

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San Gimignano is a quiet Italian town tucked away in the Tuscan countryside. Located on a hill-top, this beautiful Tuscan town offers delightful country views, medieval architecture and old-world charm. Built in the 12th Century, the town offers weary travellers the chance to rest, relax and enjoy the fine dining of Tuscany.

The complete guide to San Gimignano - Global Fashion Street

So, step back in time and enjoy reading about the best things San Gimignano has to offer visitors looking for a piece of old-fashioned Italian allure.

1. Take in the scenery
If you are visiting Tuscany (which you will be if you are heading to San Gimignano), then June will probably be one of the better times to visit as you will be able to enjoy the town in full bloom. Climb up one of the famous towers (for example, Torre Grossa) and enjoy second to none views of the town’s rooftops and the countryside.

2. Visit Piazza del Duomo
San Gimignano is a small medieval town which can easily be seen on foot in a short amount of time. So, it would be hard to miss the Piazza del Duomo as you explore this fascinating location. The Piazza is the main square of San Gimignano and serves as the epicentre of activity for locals and tourists alike. Surrounding the square are 12th Century towers which can be climbed for only a few euros to get some of the best views of the area.

The complete guide to San Gimignano - Global Fashion Street

3. Enjoy the market
According to the tourist information office, market days are held on most Thursdays and provide an opportunity to enjoy the hustle and bustle of Piazza del Duomo. Stall-holders sell a myriad of traditional Italian food and delicacies, so be sure to try something new when you visit.

4. Taste some gelato
San Gimignano is nation-renowned for its stellar gelato. Visit the Gelateria Dondoli to enjoy some of the yummiest gelatos Italy has to offer. The Gelateria Dondoli has won the World Championships of gelato-making (yes, that is a thing!) twice. Two of the most famous flavours include Crema di Santa Fina (which is a combination of pine nuts, cream and saffron) and Raspberry & Rosemary. Although unusual flavour combinations, Sergio (the owner of the shop) works his magic to make them simply melt on the tongue. Be warned – you may put on a few pounds if you visit San Gimignano, but it is definitely worth it!

The complete guide to San Gimignano - Global Fashion Street

5. Try the wine
As well as gelato, San Gimignano is also well-known for its saffron and wine. Its most famous wine is as old as the city streets themselves. Vernaccia is one of the most ancient wines of Italy which is still being made today. San Gimignano currently sells over 5 million bottles of Vernaccia every year – and it is easy to see why. Even Dante wrote about the beauty of this wine in the 1300s. So, don’t miss out on this the next time you are in the area and snag yourself a bottle or two to take home to (maybe) share with family.

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