Dehradun: Exploring the Valley Town of Lower Himalayas

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I have lived most of my life in Dehradun. A place where I belong with all my heart and soul, however ironically had not explored.

Now not blaming or pondering over the numerous reasons that are boggling my mind for not doing so, I embarked on the journey of exploring the potential of my own city and was amazed of how truly incredible it is.

The Trotter’s Tales Journal: Exploring the Valley Town of Himalaya- Dehradun - Global Fashion Street

We have many great places that are the contributors to the present fame of the city like the prestigious Indian Military Academy, Forest Research Institute, Headquarters of ONGC etc. but we wanted to explore more and reach out to some seldom talked about places.

So with the help of my crazy and ever curious childhood friend, Kartikey Khattri (Invaded Instagram @K.Khattri), who somehow knew the city like the back of his hand, we started to mark the marvellous places and added it into our “Trotter’s Tales Journal”

In this edition of Global Fashion Street I am sharing few of the places from our diary categorized according to our segments.

The Trotter’s Tales Journal: Exploring the Valley Town of Himalaya- Dehradun - Global Fashion Street

Shikar Falls (picture courtesy Kartikey Khattri)

Track, Trails and Falls
Though Dehradun has numerous small treks and trails but we have combined the experience of Trekking and Picnic near the fall to make it more wholesome and satiating. We have shared the 3 treks and trails according to the time and distance covered to reach the destination

Shikar Fall and Jhadipani Fall- Shikar fall is a small trek which takes upto 15-20 min of trekking and Jhadipani is a medium trek which takes approx. 20-30 min.

Lambi Dhaar Fall: It has steep incline and takes around 45 min to 1 Hour

Himalayan Weavers- It majorly sells the ethnic clothing from Garhwal and Kumaon regions of Uttrakhand which includes the jackets, sweaters , shawls , caps etc made of pure wool found in the region which are really warm and help the locals to fight the harsh winters of Himalaya

KiWi (Kisan Window)- This new chain of cool beginning-of-an-era stores is a venture started to promote and market the indigenous produce of the farmers from across Uttarakhand like Chakrata Rajama, juices and squashes of Burans , Malta, Litchi , Amla, spices etc.

The Trotter’s Tales Journal: Exploring the Valley Town of Himalaya- Dehradun - Global Fashion Street


Hide Away
This section contains some of the hidden gems of the city which takes you closer to nature, away from all the hustle and traffic, into the serenity. A great option if you are looking for some quality peace time. (And by the way the view is great!!)

Home Stays in Bisht gaon: Along the river Tauns this small village has multiple options of some picturesque Homestays with the comfort of the city and a spectacular view of the nature.

Visharanti Jungle Retreat: Situated in Lower Kandoli Village, this resort had been quite famous not only for its ambience but also for hosting our former cricket team captain, M.S Dhoni’s wedding.

Food Joints / Café
Dehradun is famous for its innumerable mount of cafés and food joints however Tibetan culture has a great influence on our food pallets as we have various Tibetan natives living in city, who share their culture and cuisines with the locals. Sharing with you a combination of Uttrakhandi and Tibetan cuisine based restaurants (In case you are curious and crave for the taste of local delicacies)

Dekyiling (Tibetan Colony), Sahastradhara Road – Tibetan Cuisine

Desi Chulah- Uttrakhandi Cuisine

Kafal- Uttrakhandi Cuisine

The best time to visit Dehradun

It is in pre-monsoon when the weather turns cooler and the city turns greener or the onset of spring when the ‘Saal’ forest starts changing its colour.

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