A Tribute to Urban Bohemia- the latest Michael Kors’ Fall/Winter 2023 Collection

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Michael Kors’ Fall/Winter 2023 runway show was a tribute to urban bohemia, a celebration of the women who have influenced the designer’s work and the spirit of Greenwich Village. The collection showcased timeless glamour, featuring long sweeping coats, dramatic capes, leggy dresses, skirts, and shorts. Kors played with proportions, using slashes, slits, and lean knits to frame the body, and hip-slung belts to shift the eye. The palette ranged from shades of graphite and charcoal to warm tones of chocolate and chestnut, with monochrome moments of merlot and forest.

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The Accessories

The accessories had a softer attitude, with fringed clutches, relaxed messengers, streamlined bucket bags, and boots grounding almost every look. The mood was set by models like Vittoria Ceretti, Liya Kebede, Irina Shayk, Adut Akech, Amber Valletta and others walking down the birch-and-mirror-lined runway as a live orchestra played alongside recorded tracks of Jefferson’s “Somebody to Love” and “Go your own way” by Fleetwood Mac creating high bass multi dimensional soundtrack.

The show took place in the West Village, an ode to the rule-breaking spirit that has characterized the neighborhood for decades. And in the designer’s own word, for this collection he kept in mind the things that had influenced him ever since his adoloscence during 70s, the women and the neighborhood that influenced him, and the combination of big city glamour and bohemia that he found in Greenwich Village at that time.

latest Michael Kors

The A-list front row included Gloria Steinem, Kate Hudson, Katie Holmes, and Mindy Kaling, along with New York Governor Kathy Hochul, Lea Michele, Ellen Pompeo, Isabelle Adjani, Beatrice Grannò, Simona Tabasco, and more.

This show premiered on all of the label’s digital platforms including the website michaelkors-collection.com serving as a hub for the entire F/W’23 collection. The programming was also available to the brand’s international audience across YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as on WeChat, Weibo, LI.

Michael Kors’ collection paid homage to the icons

who have left a lasting impression on the designer, with a collection that captured the essence of the ’70s bohemian spirit with a modern twist. The designer explored the fashion of his formative years, and the ways in which the West Village influenced his work. The show was a celebration of the women who have shaped his career and his personal style, with a nod to the timeless glamour that characterizes his collections.

The collection featured a mix of textures and fabrics, with luxurious furs, soft cashmere, and sleek leather. The silhouettes were bold and dramatic, with sweeping coats and capes paired with short skirts and dresses. The designer played with proportion, using hip-slung belts and lean knits to create a flattering frame for the body.

latest Michael Kors

The palette of the collection was rich and hushed, with shades of graphite and charcoal, warm tones of chocolate and chestnut, and monochrome moments of merlot and forest. The accessories were understated, with fringed clutches and streamlined bucket bags, while boots grounded almost every look.

Overall, Michael Kors’ Fall/Winter 2023 collection was a tribute to the icons who have influenced his work and the neighborhood that shaped his personal style. The designer captured the essence of the ’70s bohemian spirit with a modern twist, creating a collection that is both timeless and of the moment. The show was a celebration of the women who have shaped his career and his personal style, with a nod to the timeless glamour that characterizes his collections.

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