Explore Maldives- The vanishing Paradise of the East

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It’s a sad reality these days that some of the world’s top “bucket list” destinations are in danger of disappearing forever. As the world continues to warm and climates change, the time to visit a vacation paradise like the Maldives is now.

The Maldives are a group of almost 2000 small, individual islands south of India and Sri Lanka which truly live up to their designation as a piece of paradise. Their beaches are pristine and clear with travellers choosing this as a destination for diving and snorkeling as well as relaxation on the beach.

Long considered a premier destination for diving because of their stunning coral reefs, scientists have discovered bleaching of the reefs. When the temperature climbs and the ocean warms up, the coral begins to turn white. The bleaching is currently 60% and as high as 90% in some areas of the Maldives. Bleaching does not always mean the death of the coral but it can cause damage to the coral and the wildlife it supports.

The islands sit just above sea level and as ocean levels rise, the water inches closer and closer to shore. Some scientists predict within the next 20 years they could completely be engulfed by the surrounding ocean.

Maldives: A Vanishing Paradise - Fashion Street

Plan a visit now! 

There’s more to do in the Maldives than dive! You can experience local culture and cuisine, take a sunset cruise, picnic on a sandbank or treat yourself to an “underwater” massage. The only limit is your imagination and sense of adventure.

Must Have Item #1 – Shorts

Maldives: A Vanishing Paradise - Fashion Street

The weather will be warm when you arrive so you’ll want to have plenty of shorts available to wear exploring or setting sail on the open seas. Not only will they keep you cool, your legs will grab a gorgeous tan while you focus on the sights around you!

Must Have Item #2 – Dresses

Maldives: A Vanishing Paradise - Fashion Street

A must have item in your suitcase for romantic dinners and beach strolls are dresses. After a day of adventure and exploring, you can switch gears and go for ultra romantic with a short dress. Or enjoy your morning coffee on your balcony in a gorgeous kaftan style robe.

Must Have Item #3 – Swimwear

Maldives: A Vanishing Paradise - Fashion Street

From relaxing on the beach to diving, having a variety of quality swimwear is essential. Each activity will have a different need and you will want to be prepared. A two piece suit is perfect for the beach while you’ll want something more supportive for underwater exploration.

Must Have Item #4 – Paddle Suits
One of the hottest activities in the Maldives is stand up paddle boarding. You’ll be exposed to complete sunshine and suns rays will be reflected off the water so a paddle suit will help protect you (no one wants a sunburn on the water!).


For all of your swimwear, make sure you read the care instructions when purchasing. Salt water can damage fabric so make sure you pack a suitable cleaner and one that is easy to use in your hotel room. These pieces are an investment so be sure to clean them properly.

If the Maldives are on your travel list, now is the time to start planning. As the islands change because of global warming, restrictions to areas will start to come into place. Visiting while there is still time to explore the coral reefs and islands should be at the top of your to do list!

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