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It has always been a question for all thinkers. In the famous Shakespearean style, to wear it or to bare it, all! The fact that some people are more comfortable wearing just their skin is a thought even unthinkable for others. However, the debate continues. And amidst the confusion we bring you a well researched list of, the best beaches to bare it all for the naturists…

The Best Nude Beaches to Bare it all! - Global Fashion Street

Let’s start with the best one. Valalta, Croatia, has been bagging the best campsite award for years including this year’s ADAC/ANWB Best Campsite 2016, Award. This nudist campsite is a Paradise in itself.

Well equipped with all facilities one can think of, Valalta will make you want to live there forever. And then, comes the others that inspired Valalta to become the best. 

The Best Nude Beaches to Bare it all! - Global Fashion Street

France tops the list, for three of the best nude beaches in the world belong to the really progressive, unconventional and the most fashionable clan. The centre of sun and sea, Centre Hélio-Marin, commonly known as CHM Montalivet, was the first ever naturist beach that opened its plush surroundings for the freedom lovers in 1950 and then the country knew, what they needed next. In 1953 they formed the Naturist Federation (INF/ FNI)!

The Best Nude Beaches to Bare it all! - Global Fashion Street

The three best beaches include, Leucate Plage with its shining golden sand and clear calm costs of Mediterranean waters, is world over known for its nudist beach. It welcomes all and sundry under the vast blue sky.

Les Grottes Plage, another nudist beach is famous for its natural cove of white sand culminating into the turquoise waters and offers, some great dips for swimming and snorkeling.

The third is, Euronat, an exclusive licensed naturist holiday resort, which is a world in itself. With large areas of glowing sand and pine forest, the resort offers everything under its umbrella, houses, camps, shopping malls, pay areas, sauna, indoor heated swimming pool, conference hall, fitness rooms and beauty treatments! And total nudity is compulsory according to its bylaws!

The Best Nude Beaches to Bare it all! -  Global Fashion Street

After French, it’s the Greeks.  Notwithstanding the rich cultural heritage that the country has, it also qualifies for some of the best naturists’ beaches. With options galore, the most famous is Red Beach Crete, about twenty minutes walking from Matala that offers a scenic walk to the beach with caves and rocks around. The dense reddish-brownish sand gives it the name and supposedly has amazing clear waters.

Another beautiful beach is Glyka Nera, Crete, with its sweet waters; it is secluded area that offers abundant bounty of nature with deep blue waters and pebbles surrounded by gray stone hills. One of the early famous one is the Banana Beach, owing its name to the yellow-golden sand and the shape that the end of Skiathos town looks like. Although a small beach, it has lately become quite crowded with the nude beach section is now secluded to a smaller area.

The Best Nude Beaches to Bare it all! - Global Fashion Street

Canada ‘s Wreck Beach is a world famous for its almost eight kilometers long clothing-optional Beach, where you have people wandering around in all styles, although the areas are well marked.  North America’s largest Naturist beach, amidst plush greenery and abundant pacific waters is a dream come true.

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