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Travel to Germany - Global Fashion Street

Berlin: government quarter
Santoni, Gianluca

It might come to you as a surprise but yes, indeed Germany has more reasons to visit than just technology and the Trade Fair! A country with an area of 1/3rd of its landscape covered in woodlands, it is blessed with all kinds of terrain, the beaches, the mountains, the forests and the farmlands. In fact Germany is a traveller’s delight!

Travel to Germany - Global Fashion Street

Bavarian Alps: Wendelstein mountain
Picture Credits: Kaster, Andreas

With majestically built fairy tale castles and thick black forests, the land is rich in its flora and fauna. (It might surprise you even more that the famous ‘Black Forest Pastry’ has actually originated from Germany!) There are almost 48000 species of animals reported in the wilderness and there are more than three hundred and fifty islands apart from the varied natural treasures that Germany can boast of.

Travel to Germany - Global Fashion Street

Near Bayreuth: Rabenstein Castle
Burg rabenstein event GmbH

There are fresh water rivers to swim and infinite hills to trek. The land is a hiker’s delight. Interestingly, Germany also has its own side of the Alps view, which is much unexplored and also much affordable. Cities like Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt are places that offer culture, modernity, landscapes and even celebrities from around the world!

Travel to Germany - Global Fashion Street

Rathen/Saxon Switzerland: Bastei rocks, view of the Elbe valley, Rathen health resort, table mountains and crags
Colorvision Uthoff, Hans R.

Just imagine a land that is one third in woodlands apart from its scenic mountains, rivers and beaches how fresh and clean the air quality would be? I would rather think it to be carbon negative than neutral! And the icing on the cake is the rich cultural heritage that the country enjoys that is yet unexplored by many.

Travel to Germany - Global Fashion Street

St. Peter Ording/North Sea: A dream destination for kite buggying
Picture Credits: Deutsche Zentrale

This year the German National Tourist Board is promoting its 800 years old famous Kreuzchor Choir from Dresden, an all boys’ choir that has been in service of the Church on Dresden Altmarkt Square, the Church of Holy Cross. For the last eight centuries the choir has captivated its audiences with its brilliantly performed pieces of the sacred music, the famous ones being the Christmas Oratorio or St. Matthew Passion by Johann Sebastian Bach. Imagine a choir with an unbroken tradition and generations of members participating to carry on the legacy, decades after decades!

Travel to Germany - Global Fashion Street

Wiesbaden: Neroberg hill in the autumn
Picture Credits: Design Ernst Wrba

The Museums and Cultural Centres offer the artistic kind a platter full of traditional stories and cultural activities. And then are the Vineyards! A wide variety of German wines are world famous and its wine festivals attract visitors from around the globe.

Travel to Germany - Global Fashion Street

Saarbrücken/Saar: Berlin promenade, riverside park and State Theatre
Merten, Hans Peter

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Travel to Germany

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