Five simple ways to look chic this winter

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Global Fashion Street brings you five simple ways to look chic this winter. Studies say long winters can make people gloomy, add to that your old style of dressing which you have been following for years, every winter. So, let’s try and create some warmth for you, this cold season. Try these little changes to feel happy the whole day long!


The colour to follow this season is Marsala– Pantone, the colour prediction bible for all design houses says, Marsala is the colour for this season. Forget the name, remember the shade. Rose by any other name would still smell the same. It doesn’t really matter if you cannot remember the name of the shade, understand the hue and add a dash of this now-in-vogue cousin of violet to raise some eyebrows. (If you can remember the name, you have already impressed the ignorant). Look around, an old sweater, a paisley print scarf, a bandana or may be a watch strap; pick the nearest shade and let it be the colour of the day for you.


Brown is the new black– Take out all your brown from under the closet and set it in front. A belt, a shoe, a pullover or a muffler; make simple combinations- blue jeans with brown belt and brown shoes but not a brown sweater. Don’t go all brown- we don’t suggest you ape the bear! This classic combination looks great with a black sweater or a white shirt. Accessorize it with a brown bag, preferably a saddle bag or a brown leather strap watch.


Let black look blingy this winter– This winter Black is not just dark; it shines with a hint of bling. Add that sparkle to either the sweatshirt or the shoe. The market is loaded with Bling, pick what gives you confidence. Let those little crystals bring some shine into your life! Just one rule- keep it simple. Wear just one thing with bling, either shirt/shoes/lower. We don’t want you looking like out of disco!


Red Hot– Red in winters is only thing that will make people turn their head. You can never go wrong with red (minimal rule follows). A red sweater with white, black or blue jeans, or may be blue jeans with stark red shoes; experiment with what makes you comfortable. You could even try your subtle style of dressing with a red muffler thrown in!


Valentino Fall/Winter 2015-2016 Collection

Check your Floral– This could be a bold suggestion but if you could get a hang of this- nothing like power dressing! Gone are days when people thought that checks could not be combined with floral. This is the age for mix and match. Checks with varied prints and floral with bold lines- the age for breaking the conventional is here to stay. We suggest, before you move out take a critical look at that mirror and see if it’s giving you the right edge!

So, go ahead and indulge in some colourful dressing this winter to enjoy the grey with a dash of rainbow!

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