Play Smart- An Australian’s Guide to Sustainable Fashion

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To be a fashion maven in the 21st century you need to practice sustainable styling options. This guide to sustainable fashion will tell you how. It’s very much on trend to brag about wearing fashion forward outfits that are ethically and environmentally conscientious. Especially, considering the fashion industry is to blame for being a huge worldwide industrial polluter, coming in second after oil – not exactly a stunning claim to fame, is it? Factor in sweatshop conditions in third world countries to feed our insatiable need for fast fashion and is it any surprise eco-fashion options are on the rise?

You can still look chic without the unconscionable frills.

Feel good about what you’re wearing, choose Australian-made sustainable women’s wear. Here’s a handy guide to help you find some fantastically chic sustainable clothing.

Eco-fashionable – Guide to Sustainable Fashion

While it’s safe to say we all want to look our best in guilt-free clothing it’s not easy to follow the fast fashion styles with eco-fashion. Sustainable fashions, or fair fashions tend to be much more about stocking up on the basics and less about keeping up with current fads. Current fads support fast fashion consumerism and environmental degradation – even if it’s made in a socially responsible manner. So even if you can afford to buy into the latest trends, try not to and instead buy timeless pieces that you can love to wear for a few seasons!

If you’re looking to start your own fair fashion wardrobe here’s what you’ll need to look for:

Sustainable Materials

Hemp, linen, 100% organic cotton, bamboo, polyester, acrylic, soy, recycled fabric, tencil, wool and vegan leather – are some of the quality materials used to construct your garments. Like, these two outfits below.

An Australian’s Guide to Sustainable Fashions - Global Fashion Street

(L)Photo from Sustainable Fashionfeaturing, Rant Clothing | (R) Photo from Sustainable Fashion showcasing, Bestowed Clothing

Most conventional clothing materials are not sustainably sourced or made. For a fabric to meet sustainability standards it must be made from sustainable crops (including animal, by this we mean wool) or recycled materials. Also remember for any brand to be truly be sustainable, it should bare the Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) certification.

Made in Australia

An Australian’s Guide to Sustainable Fashions - Global Fashion Street

(L) Photo from Carlazampatti| (R) Photo from Theark

Australia has a thriving textile, clothing and footwear (TCF) industry. Check off your fair fashion feel good box by shopping locally. You can be rest assured these employees have been paid well and worked in a safe environment, heck you might even know the person who made your outfit! Australia is so plugged into sustainable best practices, they even have their own Sustainable Fashion Week. Here are some great examples of Aussie craftsmanship.


An Australian’s Guide to Sustainable Fashions - Global Fashion Street

(L) Photo from InBed, an In Bed Store | (R) Photo from Nico Underwear

When you begin trying to shop ethically minded, it’s simple to overlook accessories. Purses, swimwear, shoes, scarves, jewellery, socks and intimates – all this can be made better. Just think, even if it costs more but is well-constructed, it’s lifecycle will be much longer – you get what you pay for!


As mentioned above, before you buy always be sure to find out if the company you’re buying from is accredited as sustainable. If it passes ECA then you’re golden, as these companies meet the necessary criteria. Otherwise it’s up to you to do your homework. And don’t just trust what the label says; just because something claims to be organic, doesn’t make it sustainable!

Capsule Wardrobe

When building your eco-social conscious wardrobe, many eco-fashionistas subscribe to the capsule wardrobe idea. In a nutshell all this means is having around 30 essential timeless pieces of clothing per season – don’t forget about warm winterwear! This will help ensure you wear only the clothing you actually love, reduce your consumption (that’s what fast fashion is) and help you get ready faster in the morning with less to choose from! Cut unnecessary clothing purchases out of your budget and stick with what you love and what will make you feel good; even if it comes with a higher price tag.

An Australian’s Guide to Sustainable Fashions - Global Fashion Street

Photo from My Green Closet Blog

Be an Australian Eco-fashionista

Don’t let your conscious weigh your need to look trendy, down! Shop Australia’s sustainable fashion choices for a clear conscious, using these tips to help transform you into an eco-fashionista!

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