7 Important yet Easy Fashion Hacks Every Girl Must Know

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Dealing with wardrobe faux pas, isn’t really an alien thing, especially when it comes to women. Tight jeans, foul smelling shoes, bra straps, red wine stains etc. are few of the infinite number of fashion catastrophes that girls deal with. But, much to everyone’s surprise, such fiascos are easily rectifiable. That’s why we have these 7 Important yet Easy Fashion Hacks Every Girl Must Know.

To smooth the way for you, our team of experts has culled some of the best fashion hacks that you can adapt and apply quite easily.

Keep reading to know all our goof proof tricks that will transform you into a fashion crackerjack in no time!

7 Fashion Hacks Every Girl Must Know - Global Fashion Street

The Neck Method

Too tired to try on the fit of your favorite jeans? Try our Neck Method.

Place the waistline of the jeans around the diameter of your neck to check if it meets comfortably at the back of your neck. If it easily does, the jeans would fit.

Got shoes too tight?
Can’t afford to lose that beauteous pair of footwear because of size issues? Have no worry as we have got it sorted for you. Just put two freezer bags filled with water into each shoe and let them freeze overnight. As the water freezes, it’ll gently stretch out the shoes.

Another tip for the similar concern is to slip on your ‘too snug’ shoes with socks and blasting your feet with a hot hair dryer.

A little bit of know-how and you are all set to glide.

Bra sagas

Getting stuck with finding an apropos bra for a particular kind of top or dress, isn’t an unfamiliar situation for almost all the girls. Well, we have got your back on this. Just try the following quirky tips.

Turn any bra into a racerback for your open shoulder dress by simply pulling out a paper clip and inserting one strap into one end of it and the second one on the other side.

7 Fashion Hacks Every Girl Must Know - Global Fashion Street

Similarly, for a tank top, save the day by placing a piece of double-sided tape on the bra strap on your back and then pressing your top onto the strap. This will keep your clothes in place and worry out of your mind!

DIY embellishments
Brighten up your flats or shirt collars with your clip-on earrings to instantly lift their impression. You can also throw in some cool accessories like a funky neckpiece to jazz up your otherwise subtle maxi dresses.

No fuzz trick

Make your old sweater look like a brand new asset with the help of a razor blade. You only need to gently rub it on your sweater to remove all the fuzz and we bet you’ll be zapped to see how fresh your sweater looks and feels after this.

Power of illusions

Long legs

When you are not the one blessed with the divine sanction of being a leggy lass, just try on the pumps, the same color of your skin. Nude pumps exude the illusion that your legs extend a few extra inches, giving a longer look to your bare legs.

Plus -size women or those with large bust can swap their loose clothing style with a fetching waistband and emphasize their smallest torso measurement which is the area just under the bust. This will shift the focus from their natural waist and create an illusion of a smaller size.

7 Fashion Hacks Every Girl Must Know - Global Fashion Street

This one’s a gem for those who struggle with less hair volume. You can create an illusion of a thicker and a fuller ponytail by stacking two ponytails in a row, one at the back of your head and the second one just two inches above it.

Shoe Odor

While you are busy sweating it out in the gym in your favorite heart leggings, bad shoe odor is the last thing you wanna fuss about. Simply wrap up some baking soda in a cloth and place it in your shoes. This will absorb all the smell and perspiration, leaving the shoes feeling fresh.

Final words: Do remember that the right amount of knowledge combined with a hint of creativity in your character is all you need to be living your most stylish life.

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