Daniel Syiem’s Ethnic Fashion House launches its Autumn-Winter 2022 collection

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The Daniel Syiem’s Ethnic Fashion House has now launched its Autumn-Winter 2022 collection. And just as with everything they do, the fashion house chose a different approach to launch their products this time- through the social media platform. They took over YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to showcase to the world their collection lineup.

“Scotland of the East” Collection


The A/W’22 Collection launched online- a global, unique, and bold take on the traditional Tapmohkhlieh- the check shawls.

The one thing the brand values more than anything else is being authentic to its roots. They believe their work should reflect the pride they feel for their culture, their state, and its people. So, when it came to choosing a theme for the latest collection, they knew that transforming local fashion for the global audience was the way to go.

For the uninitiated, Shillong- a hill station nestled in the lap of Khasi Hills is known as the ‘Scotland of the East’. The rolling mountains, lush greenery, waterfalls, and pleasant climate bear a stark resemblance to the topography of Scotland, hence the name. With this bit of landscape, mix some culture and fashion, and you find yourself in one of India’s fashion capital.

The latest collection by Daniel Syiem’s Ethnic Fashion House is a global, unique, and bold take on the traditional Tapmohkhlieh- the check shawls. The check shawls or tartans constitute a significant part of Scandinavian culture. Known as plaid in western culture, the tartan has been the choice of experimentation for big fashion brands.

Janess and Daniel with their models

Every Shillongite, be it a man or woman, has a tartan in their closest. Though the way of wearing tartan has evolved over the years, the love for checks has not. From what started as a more traditional head-to-toe cover to protect from the winter is now an evolved skirt, suit, jacket, or accessory.

Staying true to its essence, the brand has used locally sourced fabric for its collection- the tartan, soft tweed, and woolen used are a symbol and speciality of Meghalaya. The use of locally sourced materials helps boost the local artisans who have carried the art of making these materials for decades.

The choice of colours

Strategically, the choice of colours for the collection was also a thoughtful curation of everything representing autumn and winter in the state. The forest green of pine needles, red of holly plants, the azure blue of the winter sky, and medallion yellow of autumn leaves have inspired the collection. Trust the team at DSEFH to get down to the nitty-gritty of their theme and make everything to perfection.

Unisex Collection Introduced

The collection consists of jackets, hoodies, capes, and dresses which feature interesting construction, pleasing cuts, and of course, the drape effect.

Shillong has always been a step ahead in the fashion curve, so when the Fashion House decided to use local fabric, they were confident that they wanted to mix that element with western and global preferences. An inherently western outfit, the hoodie takes to a new avatar with the use of trapan. The seamless stitch helps to give it a look of a drapery that can serve multiple purposes. “The structure is more Indo- western and not like the traditional hoodie”- adds Janess, the business head of DSEFH.

Additionally, the jackets are also versatile and can be worn in various ways, giving them an extra edge. The functionality and ability of the clothing to be worn in different ways is also a push towards sustainability. The free-size jackets are also unisex and can be worn by men and women. “We are also catering to the men’s line this time. We want to give them a chance to drape and carry a Daniel Syiem’s Ethnic Fashion House brand”- says Janess.

The launch is worth the hype and we love every model who walked the ramp and their “Scotland of the East” look. The team has worked for months on the collection, and it shows. Every piece of clothing speaks of the hard work gone into making it and bringing it to life from paper to rack. The ultra-luxe global fashion just became more accessible and creative, with DSEFH entering the picture and taking the fashion world by storm (quite literally).

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