India Diaries with Amina Zaher

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India Diaries with Amina Zaher - Global Fashion Street

Shooting the big tusk! Lucia in yellow Zara jacket & Dress by H&M, Ikram short skirt, blue top & Neck piece from H&M

This shoot has a story, like every shoot has one! What makes this one different, is an elephant!

It all started with Amina dreaming of shooting the big tusk and that too when she hadn’t seen one ever before in her life! Despite all kinds of advice to not travel alone to India, this brave heart booked her tickets and blocked the shoot dates, confident that plunging into the unknown would lead to something extraordinary! So, bringing you the unedited version of India Diaries with Amina Zaher, who came to India to shoot with GlobalFashionStreet excerpts by Kiran Chopra, editor-in-chief, and Amina Zaher, the Egyptian Fashion Photographer.

India Diaries with Amina Zaher - Global Fashion Street

Amina Zaher, Fashion Photographer, Egypt

The Beginning…
Amina: I have always wanted to go to India and experience the amazing culture of what I have seen in pictures and in Bollywood movies. I have carefully planned what I wanted to do and had concepts ready in my head. What I experienced was much more than I anticipated. This amazing country attacks all your senses and made me realize that I cannot come here with a plan, what I needed to do was to go where India takes me. With the help of Kiran I was able to find my inspirations for the shoots.

Kiran: The agenda for the shoot was Indian contemporary and couture garments, a fort and an elephant. All sounded easy. Except that I forgot, there’s many a slip between the cup and the lip!

First Shoot @ Hauz Khas Madarsa
Amina: To be honest the first shoot was not an easy one at all! Everything was set and in place, but with art nothing can ever be 100%. The sun, my source of lighting, decided not to show as we agreed, but we decided to go with it and it turned out to be an amazing shoot. All the team was very helpful and cooperative and the shoot could not have come out like this if it was not for them. I was very happy that I just finished my first shoot in India.

India Diaries with Amina Zaher - Global Fashion Street

Amina only used the sunshine to create light effects.
Laxmi Pandey in a Jaspreet for Expressionist creation, MUA: Niti Luthra, Hair: Khushboo Singh, Location: Hauz Khas Village

Kiran: Amina told me no lights! She said she specializes in playing with the sunlight and that’s what she wanted to do with the shoot. It turned out to be the most amazing experience. I saw how a photographer could manipulate the sun’s rays to achieve the dense looks.

India Diaries with Amina Zaher - Global Fashion Street

On Laxmi Pandey: Green Lehenga, Golden Corset and Crunched Duppatta by Anu P.D

India Diaries with Amina Zaher - Global Fashion Street

Coture by Jaspreet from Expressionist

India Diaries with Amina Zaher - Global Fashion Street

Make-up: Niti Luthra was amazing with her make-up. A fashionista herself, one look at the garments and Niti instantly what would Amina want. “It was a metallic look and we used strong contour and highlighting; copper eyes with smokey corners and nude lipstick,” says Niti.

India Diaries with Amina Zaher - Global Fashion Street

“Amina was very clear about the look she wanted and I just followed directions. In the first shot she wanted voluminous carefree Hair but with a hint of Indian Royal look and in the second shoot she wanted me to add marigold flowers. I liked the concept a lot,” says Khushbu.

The Big shoot@ Banks of Yamuna

Amina: The thought that my dream to shoot an elephant was coming true…

Kiran- I literally had to hunt down this elephant to shoot him. A week’s calling of finding an elephant wasn’t exactly finalizing one! A day before the shoot there was no elephant, no garments and thus, no location! By the time it was Sunday evening, panic levels were soaring high.

India Diaries with Amina Zaher - Global Fashion Street

On Ikram dress from Zara: On Lucia (R) Wearable Art by Jaspreet for Expressionist MUA: Mintu Singh, Hair: Khushboo Singh, Location: Banks of River Yamuna

India Diaries with Amina Zaher - Global Fashion Street

He is a senior make-up artist who has been working in the industry for last 12 years. Currently he works with Jabong but on his days off he likes to experiment on different. And as into declares, “The season will see more of carefree bold looks like -blending liner through the lashes for a slept-in Smudged look, Don’t care look, Full brows and the Ninety’s grunge cool.”

Finally, when Amina reached me in the evening we got into the car and started our hunt for the trunk in the city! It all just worked out fine when we spot our elephant on the Banks of River Yamuna and the next day we were all set to roll into action.

India Diaries with Amina Zaher - Global Fashion Street

On Ikram (L) Yellow dress from Forever21: On Lucia (R) Skirt from Zara, Blue Silk Scarf by GlobalFashionStreet & white top – models own

With this shoot Amina also turned into a stylist. She just exactly knew her every shot and her clarity was a boon to the whole team. A day full of adventure and a trip full of fun, culminated into a beautiful experience. We all had a great time and the memories we created will be cherished forever!

Knowing Amina

In One word:

India Visit: Inspiration/spirituality

India Weather: Awesome!

People: Kind/Super Helpful

Shoot: Best Experience

And the Elephant: Mission Impossible/ Indian Icon

Amina’s Favorite:

Designer: Lena Perminova

Location: Ras Sudr/ Egypt

Camera: Canon 5D

Your First Shoot Experience: Shooting a friend (she’s a designer), it was a fashion shoot for political reasons, and got very nice feedbacks.

Your Dream: Shooting for Vogue.

Upcoming Project: Fashion Shoot in Paris

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Models Courtesy: Sky Model Management,

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