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Folk Loric Bridal and Semi Bridal Collection     Picture Credits: Pusphesh Dhingra

Without a doubt his favourite colour is orange, Tangerine Tango, as he corrects me, Niket Mishra, the modest and shy Fashion designer of the Indian fashion Industry, has been coming out with brilliant pieces year after year, collection after collection and leaving his audience spellbound with every launch. Yet his modesty and simplicity, takes away all the spotlight. A master craftsman and a die-hard fashionista, Niket Mishra, the FDCI fashion designer, loves to indulge in everything experimental when it comes to creating wearable art.


Niket Mishra     Picture Credits: Pusphesh Dhingra

Young Niket started his tryst with fashion designing in 1999 when he opened his store in Shahpurjat; his design sensibility, strongly focused on, Fusion wear that he was making. It was not long before people noticed, including media, and thus started Niket Mishra’s journey to the top. His aesthetically designed garments with neat cuts and incredible finish make them a showstopper instantly.


Fusion Wear, Art Inspired collection by Niket Mishra   Picture Credits: Pusphesh Dhingra

His favourite garment, when it comes to designing is the, Kaftan, a garment that shows enough resilience in every aspect of designing. Niket loves to experiment, – with colours, cloth or concept! He has tried it all, thread, dabka, zardozi, chikan or simply sequins. His collections have been spoken of hugely at Fashion weeks and his work is always admired by the fashionistas.


Tangerine Tango S/S’15 by Niket Mishra / Jacket Courtesy Amelie Golightily

Ask him for a muse and pat comes his reply- the gorgeous Sushmita Sen. And he loves to design for beauty pageant contestants, especially Miss India. However, he clarifies that muse is only my liking, the designing part, is practical wearbility.


FDCI Fashion Week S/S’15

He sees a global appeal for Indian garments and their unique embroidery when it comes to the state of Indian Fashion industry on a global aspect, yet, he agrees that fashion in India is more Bollywood centric than the designers ruling the thread. What’s in vogue may strongly be inspired by movies but there’s a huge segment of people who have stepped out to experiment with the designer garments. Not every girl is Aishwarya Rai or Madhuri Dixit; they want garments that accentuate their own persona. In fact, people have opened up to wearing what we show on ramps, as well.

Talking about ramp, it is worth mentioning that Niket is extremely involved in each of his showcases. Be it the concept of the show or choreography, he personally decides on everything, even the music. For him, Fashion is the essence of life and its expression. The ever evolving world of fashion may find its reach in different direction, yet it unites the world.

His collections have walked the ramps of Melbourne and Dubai and for most of the prestigious Fashion Tours of the country.

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