These Caves were Built in 2nd Century BC

Sculptures and Architecture suggest it was a Buddhist school

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I set out to see Kanheri Caves, famous for their architecture and historical significance, last week. The Kanheri caves complex is built in the middle of the dense forest of our very own Boravali Gandhi National Park – public entrance at Borivli East, Mumbai. As it is quite a long walk from the main gate I decided to continue in my own vehicle or the other option was to rent a private car.

Caves were Built in 2nd Century BC - Global Fashion Street

View of the caves from the base
Picture: Global Fashion Street / Suraj Nayak / August 2016

The caves instantly take you back in time. The huge rock-cut monument mesmerizes you by its sheer colossal work and fine sculptures. The steps that lead to the top are well defined even though they have stood the test of time. The caves were mainly carved by Buddhist monks and most segments make you feel it was dwelt it. The caves have a stone plinth that could have served as a bed and scriptures are inscribed on stone slabs. Some of the caves have a history related to 2 BC, you can also spot some Buddhist dwelling places on the ancient trade route.

 Caves were Built in 2nd Century BC - Global Fashion Street

Prayer hall and Stupa
Picture: Global Fashion Street / Suraj Nayak / August 2016

How to reach:
Via Train – Borivali Station is the nearest railway station.
Via Road – The park is connected to all parts of Boravali and other places in Mumbai with a decent set of road connections. Buses take visits to the national park on Sunday’s and holiday’s from almost every part of Mumbai.

 Caves were Built in 2nd Century BC - Global Fashion Street

Sculpted Buddha’s
Picture: Global Fashion Street / Suraj Nayak / August 2016

Scenic Beauty and food:
As I started walking to my destination with hopes of seeing some wild animals I was quite disheartened as I could only manage to see some monkeys and rainy crabs one can even detour while walking towards Kanheri caves as the catchy train tracks and streams running through the sides of the asphalt road give an ethnic essence one can pack food while leaving from home or else survive on the vendors that sell sweet and fresh fruits.


A vihara

These caves, built between the 1st and the 9th centuries, were carved out of basalt rock formation. Meditation was one of the primary exercise done in these caves. Some of the caves are magnificently carved. The canal system of some of these caves are very well planned and built. The view from the top is something one cannot mention in words. One can enjoy the scenic beauty for hours without moving.

Best time to Visit:
With no doubt about it, rains are the season to visit these caves as the waterfalls appear and make it look prettier.

If you are planning to go out on a picnic with your family or friends I would recommend you to hit the road and visit Kanheri caves.

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