Shalabh Urges Humanity to Re-think and Reset in New Single Reboot

Time to Reboot the world and Reboot our own selves

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Indie music artist Shalabh he has launched his new music single, ‘Reboot’ on You Tube and across all international music streaming platforms. The contemporary rock anthem with guitar infused music and power vocals has an infusion of Sanskrit shlokas and English lyrics in an attempt to touch the soul of music listeners.

Reboot is a song about how humanity, is crying out loud, looking for more meaning. How we need to live a mentally, physically, spiritually and environmentally sustainable life and live at-peace and in-harmony with the environment. No other time is as relevant as this time, when we are witnessing a global shift in power polarity, the effect of human excesses and questioning of the wisdom of our ancestors. We probably do not need all that we consume. The greed, the loot, the exploitation, the destruction must go. We need to Reboot the world and we need to Reboot our own selves.

“We are living in the times where there is a lot of clutter that we are exposed to. Our mental health right now stays a priority with physical well-being, thus we must focus more on reviving our lost positive energies,” said Shalabh on the launch of Reboot.

Shalabh is an independent singer-songwriter based out of Singapore, originally from New Delhi, India. Shalabh’s musical anthems are beginning to get recognized both in India and globally, with songs infused with meaningful lyrics, decorated with lush music and interspersed with melodic expressions. Shalabh’s cross-genre, cross-language repertoire has the ability to pull-in audience from different generations, different profiles- brought together only by common mindscapes that capture their vivid imagination.

Shalabh & his songs emphasize on both melodic structure as well as lyrics and have the ability to surprise and influence it’s listeners.

Shalabh further adds, “Reboot emphasis on paying attention to our own-selves and is aimed at helping the ones in need through the medium of music.”
Shalabh’s songs are now live on all global streaming platforms.

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