Grosvenor presents an exclusive timeless S.H. RAZA | PRINTED MATTER

From 14 May -7 June 2020 at the Grosvenor Gallery, 35 Bury Street, London, SW1Y 6AY

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The Grosvenor Gallery is all set to present ‘S.H. Raza | Printed Matter’, an online exhibition of prints from the 1970s and 80s by in the Indian modernist painter Sayed Haider Raza. The works all come from private collections in France and feature some of the artist’s most iconic subjects. The exhibition takes place in their online viewing room until 7 June.

Grosvenor presents an exclusive timeless S.H. RAZA | PRINTED MATTER - Global Fashion Street

Untitled (Bangladesh), c.1971

In Untitled (Bangladesh), c.1971, Raza alludes to the partition of Bangladesh in this composition which is split in two. After the horrors and the bloodshed witnessed during the original divide Raza colours left section red, whilst the right half is a tangle of black lines and shapes. The left half alluding to a sky filled with blood, a fear or even a premonition of the artist, whilst the right half depicts the earth and in this case the landscape appears as like the alluvial plain on which much of Bangladesh is built. Just as in Tyeb Mehta’s diagonal series of the same period, Raza uses this simple pictorial device to engage with the social and political events of this pivotal period.

Grosvenor presents an exclusive timeless S.H. RAZA | PRINTED MATTER - Global Fashion Street

Gemination, 1987

Gemination, 1987 “Radiation – horizontal, vertical or circular – can develop in the most natural way (into) a multitude of forms. First, with the intersection of black and white; and with energy, colours come up. The most important colour is black.

The encounter is with light; and tremendous activity can develop out of this encounter. As the colours appear, first dimly, you see the yellow, red and blue. Along with white and black, they form the most important elements which constitute the visual spectrum – with which all the colours can be made.”- S.H. Raza ”

Grosvenor presents an exclusive timeless S.H. RAZA | PRINTED MATTER - Global Fashion Street

Untitled (Bindu/La Terre), 1982

“I had a long talk with Husain, we lunched together and I took him to my own exhibition as Galerie Parat – where I am showing 35 canvases – “15 years of painting, 1971-1985″. My present work leaves no one indifferent…. We had a fine time together, and I was happy to show him my latest works – which have, in any case, received a most warm and enthusiastic reception both in public and press.” S.H.Raza

This work appeared on the poster for Raza’s exhibition at Galerie Parat in Paris in 1985.

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