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Artist Geeta Juneja, Sheela Chamariya, Danseuse Shovana Narayan and Christine Margotin

TRIOLOGY OF EXPRESSIONS, a group exhibition of sculptures in bronze and fiber by three women artists of Delhi, Sheela Chamariya, Christine Margotin and Geeta Juneja was inaugurated today by the famous Kathak exponent Shovana Narayan and shall be on display at the Triveni Sculpture Court till 29th January, 2015, from 11.00 am till 6.00 pm. The collection celebrates the continuing vibrancy and influences of delicate human emotions and responses to the inner as well as the outer world.

The 25 odd works by these three women sculptors offer a rich tapestry of expressions and perfectly reflect their individual style of art in the many ways they have depicted their thoughts.


Art work by Sheela Chamariya

Where at one hand Sheela Chamariya’s work is sensitive, sensual and always have thematic concept to convey to viewers, Christine Margotin’s work is more realistic, with a free flow of emotions and body language in the art work majorly focusing on the fine moments of everyday life. Geeta Juneja on the other hand follows her heart and her sculptures speak the silent language of soul.

Met at the common sculpture studio of Triveni Kala Sangam, the three artists finally got together to put up this great show.

A veteran artist, Sheela Chamariya has been in the industry for last twenty five years and a recipient of many awards, she has to her credit the fine language of bronze which she has mastered over the years. The sculptures of Sheela Chamariya visually enchant and their intent captures the imaginations to the core. She chooses to narrate her soft delicate world through the strength of bronze, with prominent lines and flat surfaces, assigning language that has soothing and sublime feel to offer on the retinal level.


Faith by Christine Margotin

Christine Margotin is a French artist who lives and works in India. Originally from Lyon, and after living in Paris for fifteen years, she settled in India with her family in 2009. She now works dedicatedly in her studio in Delhi and the art foundry she collaborates with in Jaipur. Christine’s sculptures and installations are immediately recognizable by the way they capture authentic, beautiful or touching moments in a photographic manner. The apparent lightness of the bronze in her artworks sublimates the matter, all the while expressing her favourite themes vis-a-vis childhood, Indian roads, love, spirituality and water.


Art Work by Geeta Juneja

The intrinsic individuality of shapes and compositions is what defines, artist Geeta Juneja’s work. Her sculptures are essentially bold yet invigorate the spirit within through their thoughtful expressions. Geeta majorly works in bronze with little experimentation in fiber.

The trio share a unique bond of creativity while managing to maintain their uniqueness in terms of expressions in their sculptures.


Dana Chugneynaa Aye Chidiya by Sheela Chamariya

A special emphasis on ‘ DANA CHUGNEYNAA AYE CHIDHYA’ is being laid by artist Sheela Chamariya through a unique installation to create awareness about the sparrows being extinct. The main motive behind this installation is to request people to save them and give them a home to come back. She inspires public to feed them, give water to them and limit the use of pesticides and chemical in gardens and firms.

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