A Bird Call by Rupa Samaria

A silent call for help through an exhibition of stimulating avian artworks

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This art exhibition showcases myriads of birds from India and other parts of the world. A Bird Call by Rupa Samaria celebrates these beautiful beings as well as creates awareness about the danger they face today. It is their silent cry for help.

A Bird Call by Rupa Samaria

Ashy prinia in a champa tree

“Considering, birds have always fascinated me for their uniqueness and their striking plumage thus the theme. My art in vibrant and vivid watercolours depicts these sprightly creatures. This exhibition draws from the album of birds and fires up the imagination through exaggerated brilliant brushstrokes and hues.” So says the artist.

A Bird Call by Rupa Samaria- Artist Statement

“In this exhibition, while we explore the avian world through lifelike imagery and stunning colours. We also understand the vulnerability of endangered birds and their homes. The exhibition is an endeavour to give a voice to birds that are fast disappearing today. Thus the show’s subject is very close to my heart. It is my hope that perhaps one day, everyone will be able to understand this. The beautiful precious creatures that they take for granted are in danger of becoming extinct,” says the artist.

The illegal trade of some of these protected and endangered bird species in India has been going on for years. Especially, Owls have been on the receiving end due to their body parts. Sadly, practices driven by irrational myths use owl skulls, talons, beaks, feathers, and even blood. As a result, the species is suffering.

Meanwhile, even sparrows in the city have also suffered majorly. Due to satellite towers and matchbox style architecture it is difficult for them to build nests. Thanks to us these birds have been pushed to the brink of extinction.

A Bird Call by Rupa Samaria- Artist Statement

(L) Peacock | (R) Great Hornbill

It is time we wake up to the cause. Efforts like these will help bring focus to these issues. It is imperative for everyone to understand the declining number of bird species. Come to think of it, is it just a pretty bird disappearing or is it indeed losing a vital component in the complex web of ecosystem interaction?”

About The Exhibition

Samaria will bring to light this silent call for help through 50-60 stimulating and mesmerizing avian art works. However, March 20th has been especially reserved for the World Sparrow Day. Some of her art work encompasses the beauty of these humble birds and is a reminder that they are fast declining in the concrete jungles of our cities. The exhibition at Visual Arts Gallery, IHC is from March 14 till March 23, 2022.

The aim is to re-discover one of the most familiar, unique and precious creatures that inhabit our planet—birds. The art work focuses on startling detail to colour, line, form and composition. It’s a reminder of our precious connection to the natural world.

Educator and Conservationist, Rupa Samaria’s artwork showcases her passion for birds and wildlife conservation. Her goal is to depict the magnificence and fragility of birds in equal measure. Rupa works across various mediums such as watercolours, acrylic, charcoal, sculpture and interactive art. The works depict various moods, poses and habitats of birds found across the Indian subcontinent. Samaria has painted owls, sparrows, kingfishers, and numerous other native birds. She brings to life her spectacular subjects through intricate detail, brilliant hues and loving creativity.

A Bird Call by Rupa Samaria

Scarlet Finch

“My avian art comes from my love for these creatures. Be it paint using my brush or sculpt using my hands, the process gives me immense gratification as an artist. Moreover, we should be alarmed at the statistics of the recent State of India’s Birds report. There is a stark decline in the number of house sparrows in cities. I believe the time to act is now,” says Rupa Samaria.

Supporters Behind ‘A Bird Call by Rupa Samaria’

The exhibition is supported by Bikram Grewal, Nikhil Devasar, Mary Beena and Krishna Gupta. “Rupa Samaria is a fine practitioner of the dying art of ornithological paintings. She is a worthy successor to artists like DV Cowen, JP Irani and Carl D’silva,” states noted Ornithologist, Author, and Conservationist Bikram Grewal.

Supporters Behind A Bird Call by Rupa Samaria

Satyr Tragopan

“Rupa’s work brings to mind Oscar Wilde’s quote ‘Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.’ Her paintings have given creative expression to the avian world. These works of art are moments frozen in time that enthuse the viewer to discover what lies in the natural world. And the need to protect it,” remarks Photographer, Author, and Conservationist Nikhil Devasar.

Along with the exhibition, Rupa Samaria will be hosting an hour-long session on 21st March, Sunday, 2022. Scheduled between 11.30 am-12.30 pm, the session titled ‘Walk and Talk’ is with conservationist Hema Maira and storyteller Ananya Mitra. It will be an introduction to the fascinating world of birds for children under 14 years. And there will be an interactive presentation of the intriguing facts about sparrows, their life, and their habitat.

A Bird Call by Rupa Samaria

(L) Barn owl | (R) Apostlebird

Where: Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, Institutional Area, Lodi Colony, New Delhi – 110003
When: Opening on Monday, March 14th 2022. The exhibition will be on view till 23rd March 2022.
Time: 11:00am to 7:00pm.

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