7 Tips for Rocking Activewear as Streetwear

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The athleisure trend is not only another way to economize your style budget and get more wear from your clothing, but it’s also one of the hottest trends in fashion right now. Characterised by combining gym clothing and casual street style and leisure wear, athleisure makes it socially acceptable to wear our yoga leggings to brunch and not look like a total bum. Of course, achieving this look can take some finesse. You can’t just wear any old pair of jogging pants with any old tee, slap on a pair of ballet flats and call it a day: to master athleisure, you have to master a few fundamentals.

What fundamentals? Glad you asked. We’re about to lay some sage style advice on you that will have you rocking activewear as streetwear in no time.

1. Keep it Clean
Just because you can work out in your muscle tee doesn’t mean it should look like you just worked out in your muscle tee. To take your gym gear to the streets, it has to be clean: no sweat stains. Not dampened by perspiration.

7 Tips for Rocking Activewear as Streetwear - Global Fashion Street

2. Add Structure
Wearing sweats, be it pants or a shirt, is totally cool, but you have to add some structural polish to your look. Otherwise, you just look frumpy. So, wear some track pants, but combine them with a crisp white tee and a fitted jean jacket. This jacket pulls the look together by containing the looser lines of the shirt, and balancing the relaxed fit of the pants.

3. Toe Up
You can’t forget your feet when it comes to owning your athleisure look. Sneakers and flats like loafers or ballet flats are great, but you’re not confined to the low-heel life. Even a modest hill with a pair of yoga leggings or slouchy track pants can offer stunning, killer contrast to your otherwise relaxed vibe.

7 Tips for Rocking Activewear as Streetwear - Global Fashion Street

4. Play With Texture
Try some more formal materials, like a silk scarf, leather-look leggings or velvet bomber jacket. Again, it’s about contrast: these materials play beautifully against the softer, often muted materials used in most athletic wear.

5. Bring on the Baubles
Whether it’s a pair of peacock feather shoulder-dusting earrings, some clanky metallic bangles, a leather choker or a pile of layered necklaces, a little bling can go a long way to add that polish that helps your activewear transition to incredible street style.

7 Tips for Rocking Activewear as Streetwear - Global Fashion Street

6. No Tress Mess
Your hair should never look like you’ve just sweated through an intense HIIT session — unless you just have. If you’re trying to transition your activewear to street wear, your hair needs to look tidy. This doesn’t mean it has to be up — though a beautiful French twist with a pair of yoga leggings, chic blouse, leather jacket and a pair of heels never goes amiss — but it should look combed and kempt.

7. Colour Confidence
We get it: when you first take on a new trend, the embrace can be tentative, as opposed to passionate. This doesn’t mean, however, that you need to stick to safe colours, like black, white, blue and grey. Play up your palate for athleisure style that wows. Those hot pink compression tights that make you feel like a total superhero during your circuit training? Pair them with a midnight blue tee and a pair of silver heels and you’ll look smokeshow!

7 Tips for Rocking Activewear as Streetwear - Global Fashion Street

Take it a step further: you know that amazing one piece swimsuit with the cool, strappy back? Wear it with a pair of skinny jeans and ankle boots for street style that’s ready for a night on the town.

Ready to get more wear out of more of your wardrobe? Then use these tips, and take your gym gear to the streets!

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