FDCI Presents First Ever Indian Digital Fashion Show

Friday, September 18th 2020 witnessed Gaurav Gupta Studio opening the first-ever-digital show in India in association with FDCI’s ICW 2020 (India Couture Week).

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Here what’s the designer has to share about his collection, his Muse and his showcase at the First Ever Indian Digital Fashion Show-

FDCI Presents First Ever Indian Digital Fashion Show - Global Fashion Street

Gaurav Gupta Studio opening the first-ever-digital show in India

Fighting the Odds

The pandemic and the lockdown that followed shortly after, has given us a moment to hit pause on our lives. And thus, it is a moment to reflect on our actions, relationships, beliefs, the power of art, fashion and creativity. Subsequently, we discovered a narrative that stirs the existing dialogue, with love where boundaries are patched. Where narrow corridors of division, cults and definitions are pushed far and wide, to make space for love. The only thing that matters. But the story is not shy, it’s not angry. And it aims to rise above the storm and focus all its light on love.

FDCI Presents First Ever Indian Digital Fashion Show - Global Fashion Street

Collection Pictures By Gaurav Gupta

Virtual is the New real

Firstly, love- love for self, love for all genders, for all body shapes, ethnicities, and all sexualities. In fact, love for inclusivity. You will notice, there is a new wave of social change in India which has been exposed only in pockets but hasn’t received a mainstream platform.

Therefore, the campaign is meticulously curated in order to uphold authenticity and capture a true sense of rawness which is vulnerable yet utterly endearing at the same time. And while we were casting, we discovered beautiful stories where differences and sexualities were not just accepted but celebrated. Moreover, we were enamored by these individuals’ sheer optimism, their experiences felt familiar yet bold and their stories needed to be heard.

FDCI Presents First Ever Indian Digital Fashion Show - Global Fashion Street

Collection Pictures By Gaurav Gupta

The Real Heroes

In the same vein, at Gaurav Gupta, we are honored to represent their courage, candor, honesty and their interpretation of love in its most real form.You will see that these are real stories, real people.

Meet, Anjali Lama, a trans-female supermodel and Tarun, a non-binary model taking forefront in international campaigns and owning his feminine and masculine side gracefully in front of the camera. And there’s Nitya, a body positive woman and Vee, a trans-male model effortlessly showcasing his true self. Also, two boys in love with each other-Rudra and Anurag, and two girls in love with each other- Manauti and Anjali, happily living-in with their parents.

So, you see, we are celebrating all kinds of love. To sum it up, this is a revolutionary and emotional moment to be seen and celebrated. Additionally, we also discovered models from Jharkhand, Haryana and Assam, who are oozing the potential and confidence to take over the International runway very soon.

FDCI Presents First Ever Indian Digital Fashion Show - Global Fashion Street

Collection Pictures By Gaurav Gupta

The Real Mavericks

Interestingly, Navkirat Sodhi, the magical poetess has written and recited ‘Name Is Love’, our original soundtrack for the show. And Sahil Vasudeva has composed the original music track available across platforms like Soundcloud and Spotify.

To conclude, we are witnessing a cultural shift in India today. And we are proud to present with these fierce individuals to represent varied forms of love. Thus, many firsts at the first ever Indian Digital Fashion Show! We wish that this message resonates and connects with millions of people, who are facing prejudice or feel inhibited to express themselves due to the pre-conceived societal norms. We hope that their voice can create a ripple of change.

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The official hashtags for the event are *#ICW2020 #DecodingCouture.*

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