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Indigene Craft by Ruchi and Jaya - Global Fashion Street

Indigene’s Summer Collection

Indigenous it is, indeed. Meet the new age designers Ruchi Tripathi and Jaya Bhatt, Textile Design graduates from NIFT, Delhi, who launched their Label, Indigene Craft, six years back and since then have been creating waves on the Fashion circuit. Their forte? – They do to simple, traditional clothing what nostalgia does to dreams!

Their latest collection in Khadi and Ajrakh in clean cuts and relaxed silhouettes makes their garments the right-pick for this season. Carefully handcrafted and a ten on comfort level, the collection boasts of easy garments like Knee length dresses, Pants, Jackets and scarves in soothing pastels.

Indigene Craft by Ruchi and Jaya - Global Fashion Street

Here’s a peak into their world of design…

The story behind the label
Indigene started with a passion for all things handmade; translating traditional handcrafting techniques into contemporary aesthetics and styling. Lending a new perspective to that which is ‘made by hand’—and turning it into a larger, yet deeply personal, statement. Indigene clothing is simple, modest yet stylish, keeping the essence of handcraft and fine detailing together, appealing to anyone who is experimental, creative and not bound by social norms and brackets.

The design sense that they follow
Indigene’s clothing ages with time — classic, non-conformist silhouettes that one would love to live in. Reminding the wearer of the artisan who created it, the journey of the garment and the earthy comfort that the natural fabric brings, it reveals itself in new, ingenious ways — like a timeless piece of poetry that begs to be read and reread to find new meaning each time.

Indigene Craft by Ruchi and Jaya - Global Fashion Street

As a label, Indigene intends to spread its idea of ethical, affordable and comfortable clothing to the world, which is moving towards fast, ever-changing fashion and un-thoughtful buying. The idea of real beauty and joy are to be shared, and Indigene would like to do just that.

The resilience that Khadi has makes it a universal fabric.
The yarn can be hand spun to various thickness/ fineness and can then be used to create fabrics that range from very fine to medium and heavy weights in both cotton and woollen varieties.

Indigene Craft by Ruchi and Jaya - Global Fashion Street

The potential that Khadi has…

Khadi is a versatile fabric. It has immense possibilities to be developed in weaves and take to prints, especially natural dyed and hand blocks beautifully. It can be developed in various kinds of weights to be able to create different drapes and garment structures. The cotton khadi keeps one cool in summers and gives warmth in winter. Khadi is not just style but also a way of living. One who appreciates Khadi also appreciates the little imperfections in life.

Indigene Craft by Ruchi and Jaya - Global Fashion Street

What makes Khadi the next best thing in fashion…

In India, Khadi can be found in various qualities. From the super fine and ultra light khadi muslins of Bengal to the medium to heavy weight textured khadis of Andhra Pradesh, they all adapt to any silhouette beautifully for any season. Internationally too, the Indian khadis are gaining popularity. It is being developed in prints, embroideries and woven designs by national and international designers.

Indigene Craft by Ruchi and Jaya - Global Fashion Street

With the khadi fabric reaching out to more and more people across the globe, the attention also needs to be on the weavers and spinners who are involved in creating this beautiful fabric and them getting their due share.

Indigene Craft by Ruchi and Jaya - Global Fashion Street

Ruchi on the left and Jaya on the right

Being an ethical label and taking constant inspiration from our own culture, Indigene strongly believes in appreciating and supporting the khadi producers. Indigene consciously continues to use khadi in its current and forthcoming collections, giving it a new twist each time.

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