Ishara Puppet Festival 2016

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Ishara Puppet Festival 2016 - Global Fashion Street

GlobalFashionStreet brings you this sneak peak into the upcoming Ishara Puppet Festival 2016.



Directed By: Thomas LundqvistPerformed, By: Dockteater Svarta Katten, Language: English, Medium: Bunraku, String Marionettes, Duration: 45 minutes, Recommended: All Ages

It’s the 14th edition of Ishara International Puppet Theatre Festival this year and there are artists, puppets and troupes from around the globe who have come together for this exciting extravaganza of art which brings forth stories, poems and ballets, showcased through various styles of puppetry.



Directed By: Paul Mesner, Performed By: Paul Mesner Puppet Theatre, Sponsors: Linda Lighton, Lynn Adkins, Scott Francis & the Lighton International Artist Exchange Program. Language: English, Medium: Rod, Hand, Glove &Mouth Puppets, Duration: 50 minutes, Recommended: All Ages

Designed for people of all ages, the puppet Festival will showcase in three different cities from Feb 5th to 14th in India, namely, Delhi, Gurgaon and Chandigarh. Puppets from India, Egypt, Iran, USA, Afghanistan, Italy, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland will entice the audiences in various forms, modern and traditional, string and rod and there will be whole wide gamut of performances in dance, music, theatre much more! It is a celebration of life, itself.


Dadi Pudumjee, Founder, Ishara International Puppet Festival
Picture Credits: Anay Maan

Dadi Pudumjee, Founder Ishara International Puppet Fesyiva says, “It’s been exciting fourteen years and we have tried to encourage puppetry from all over the world. It is the only annual puppet festival of India, and we have tried to have many participating countries, some of them have come through travel, some on their own, some through the festival and some have been supported through their Ministries. There is a diverse range of puppetries, in forms and presentations. In fact after almost a decade we are presenting a special performance by Ishara, it is called ‘Images of Truth’ which is on the ideologies and philosophies of Mahatma Gandhi. It’s a non-verbal show and we use world music to emphasise concepts like Non-violence, Satyagrah, his life and thoughts etc with some flash backs and flash-forwards. The show has elements of humour, for example, when we talk about race and colour there’s a dark clown and a white clown in it. We believe the audiences will definitely enjoy.”



Directed By: Anatoly Arhipov, Performed By: Moscow Puppet Theatre, Language: English, Medium: Hand Puppets, Duration: 45 minutes, Recommended: 7+

The Ishara Puppet Theatre Trust was started by Dadi Pudumjee, a well renowned name in the world of Art and theatre and someone who truly understands the world of creative indulgence. For Dadi Pudumjee, the world’s a stage for he brings artists and performers from all corners of the globe!



Directed & Written By: Dora Cantero, Performed By: Le Guignol à roulettes, Language: Musical, Non Verbal, Medium: Glove Puppets, Duration: 50 minutes, Recommended: All Ages

Ishara Puppet Festival is organised by Teamwork Arts in an endeavour to present a platform to Puppeteers from different countries and cultures to showcase their art to an enthusiastic and fervent Indian audience. The puppet festival, for over the years, has proved out to be a remarkable platform in promoting and popularising the art of puppetry.



Directed By: Francesco Mattioni, Performed By: Teatro Verde, Language: English, Medium: Puppets, Rag Dolls, Actors, Duration: 45 minutes, Recommended: Ages 3+

The three different venues, where the festival will be held simultaneously, include – Indian Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi; Epicentre, Apparel House, Sector 44, Gurgaon; Tagore Theatre, Chandigarh.


Ishara Puppet Festival 2016 - Global Fashion Street

Directed By: Mohamed Fawzy, Performed By: Kayan Marionette, Language: Musical, English, Medium: String Marionette, Glove & Belly Puppets, Actors, Duration: 40 minutes, Recommended: All Ages



Design & Direction: Shravan Heggodu, Anurupa Roy, Performed By: Katkatha Puppet Theatre Group, Language: Musical, Non Verbal, Medium: Puppets, Masks, Objects, Actors and Dance, Duration: 50 minutes, Recommended: All Ages
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