15 Min Zumba Workout session with Fitness Coach Swati Sharad

Online classes have flexi timings and workouts can be customised to your taste

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Swati is a globally licensed Zumba fitness instructor since last 8 years, also a licensed Strong Nation fitness instructor, a certified Pilate trainer, and a Bollywood and Bhangra Dance fitness instructor. She has taken part in some international level competitions of Zumba, represented India in a ZUMBA contest in 2015 and came 2nd worldwide. She has taken workshops on fitness in Netherlands and France, Mumbai, Delhi, Ahemdabad. Along with Zumba, she is also a Kathak dancer in Lucknow Gharana and certified from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad. Swati has also learnt Bharatnatyam under the tutelage of famous danseuse Mallika Sarabhai.

Here’s 15-Min Zumba Workout session with Fitness Coach Swati Sharad - Global Fashion Street

In our Virtual is the New Real series, here’s a 15 min zumba workout session like online classes with fitness Coach Swati Sharad that she has especially created for our readers.

Her journey into the field of fitness is what inspiring stories are made of. In her own words, “On a Christmas eve in 2009, while I was doing a corporate work stint, I met with a life threatening accident. I survived it but the next 3 months were very difficult with absolutely no movement as I had injured my knee, fractured my arm, ruptured my back and had 72 stitches on my forehead. It was almost like life had finished and it was then that I decided that if I heal through this fully, I will follow my heart and pursue things that I love and make life more joyful each day.

A 15 Min Zumba Workout session with Fitness Coach Swati Sharad

In 6 months, I started walking without a limp and I quickly resumed dance and later on also joined zumba. It was a wonderful journey which made me lose weight, I lost 15 kilos (from 65 kilos to 51 kilos) and my makeover healed my PCOS to a great extent. Along with this, it made me happier than I had ever been before, it healed me.

To my surprise, within a month of joining Zumba, there was an instructor’s course right in the studio that I was taking classes and my instructor encouraged me to join. I always wanted to be a dancer and this was my chance so I just took the leap of faith and jumped in, and there was no looking back. I became a globally licensed Zumba instructor, a Strong Nation fitness instructor, a pilate trainer, and I took several Zumba, Bollywood Bhangra sessions for Corporates and Gyms. Along with corporate sessions, I am also a popular name for doing wedding choreographies. My routines are fun and steps are easy to follow, people love my classes and I love my people and dancing with them. So, I chose to live life by my passion and not by routine, fitness coach Swati Sharad”

Dance fitness, like Zumba Workout session, she says, is the world of tomorrow. While mainstream fitness will always survive but dance fitness brings together the joy of dancing with the benefits of health & fitness and flexi timings.

Here’s 15-Min Zumba Workout session with Fitness Coach Swati Sharad - Global Fashion Street

Well, the present times have relocated her to conducting online classes since last 4 months and she finds it rather a delight. “We connect with so many people, turn our drawing rooms into a discothèque and just start our morning and evening parties. I have classes throughout the week and also on weekends.

So how is it all helping?Fitness Coach Swati Sharad, online classes have flexi timings and workouts can be customised to your taste and fitness requirement. They are meant for all age and all fitness levels. If you want to lose weight, stay fit, join a workout. Dance fitness enhances your blood circulation, boosts happy hormones, increases oxygen flow to brain, making you more creative and efficient. It also helps in gaining strength and stamina. It builds muscle strength and makes you more active, de-stresses you and relieves tension. No diet is ever fully effective without a workout. Plus, it improves your body postures. For the dull work-at-home life that we are now leading, sitting on laptops all day causing poor spine postures, my Sunday evening cool downs and yoga stretches are specifically aimed at just increasing your flexibility and improving posture.

Plus with this pandemic situation, building immunity is of utmost importance, Zumba Workout session is an intermittent dance fitness program which means a class is a good mix of high intensity and low intensity songs which cause differential breathing patterns, strengthening your lung muscles and also simultaneously making you fitter, stronger and building stamina and immunity

My advice is that Dance now, sleep later. Pick up your fav online classes workout with flexi timings, look up a class and join in the crazy fun.

Pointers to keep in mind to follow your workout session For a good session, please wear good shoes. For feeling the music, please add speakers and view session preferably on laptop or TV.

Here’s 15-Min Zumba Workout session with Fitness Coach Swati Sharad - Global Fashion Street

Check with your instructor, licensed instructors like me, have paid access to live-streaming platform like ZIN studio which offer superior audio video quality which provides an uninterrupted class experience irrespective of your internet strength. It’s better than the common video calling platforms and unlike youtube, it does not have interrupting ads.

Online classes are the future of our industry, they are safe and fun and provide luxury of a workout from home. They are way better than watching dance fitness videos because you have the option of one on one interaction so that the instructor can make sure your alignment and form is ok

As she says, “Dance has healed me – physically and emotionally, and I want to empower as many people as I can to experience this wave.”

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