6 Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day

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The pressure for planning the big day of love can be daunting. From picking what to dress to wear to the gifts and the restaurant, it can be quite a challenge. So, if you are someone who would rather sit at home, curl up in your blanket, have some Popcorn, order in food- then you will love this list of 6 Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day.

6 Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day

Don’t you hate it when half of your time goes in deciding which movie to watch and you just end up browsing Netflix for the next hour? Yes, the struggle is real. But, we have done the work for you. So, all you need is to set the mood and pick any of these movies to watch this valentine and make it all the more special.

The Blind Side

6 Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day

Yes, this is not the conventional valentines watch that you had in mind. But, it is an excellent movie about love. Additionally, Valentine’s Day is about celebrating each and every person you love and not just your partner. The movie directed by John Lee Hancock is an adaptation of ‘The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game’. It is a heartfelt movie based on a true story. Although it is a story that makes you believe in the goodness of people and in humanity. It is also the kind of movie you watch with your family. This inspiring movie will leave you teary-eyed (in a good way) and is a must watch. The lead roles played by Sandra Bullock and Quinton Aaron deserves a special mention. It is their acting that truly brings out the emotional feel in the movie.

Tune in For Love

This Korean movie is a romantic masterpiece. Director Jung Ji-woo created magic with this movie. A simple movie that makes your heart yearn for more. It is not just a movie about love and romance. The movie teaches about patience and faith. The trailer in itself is a smooth ride. The way the characters have matured on screen is commendable. The chemistry between Jung Hae-in and Kim Go-eun is the real game winner. The happy ending that was not promised will melt your heart. So, make sure to not miss this gem.

Call Me By Your Name

From the iconic movie poster to the story, this movie is a classic. It explores the side of love that no one talks about. The portrayal of homosexuality in the movie is unique and heart wrenching. The cinematography of the movie and the way it captures the magic of Italy is enchanting. The director Luca Guadagnino has really gone the extra mile in ensuring the magic of the film through its entire duration. What really adds to the story is the sound track of the movie. By far, this is also the best work done by actor Timothée Chalamet. Therefore, to not include this movie in our 6 Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day would just have been unfair.

To All the Boys I have Loved Before series

From the first movie in 2018 to the second in 2020 and third in 2021, this teenage rom-com is a refreshing walk. Directed by Susan Johnson, the movie is full of love. In fact, this movie is not just for teenagers but for everyone who loves mushy. With a story that tugs at your heartstring, it an easy watch. It is the kind of movie where you can unwind, not thinking too much and just enjoy the cliches. Along with exploring the high school romance, the movie also explores the question of culture. All in all, the movie becomes a good watch if you want to spend some quality time and relax.

The Descendants

A movie about the complexities of human relations and family. Directed by Alexander Payne the movie is full of raw emotions. No drama, no violence. Just life, tragedies and how people deal with it. With a cast that makes the movie believable, it truly brings out the essence of the movie. What really stands out in the movie is the superb acting by George Clooney and Shailene Woodley. A family drama, this movie can be a good watch even with your entire family.


Since we are clearly looking at unconventional movies, this movie also has to be our list. Based on Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss and Love by Matthew Logelin. This comedy take on an uncommon topic is a fun watch. Kevin Hart in the lead role means assured laughter. However, the movie also challenges the ‘comic persona’ of Hart as he steps out of his comfort zone a bit. The struggles of a widowed father and the love between the child and father is a true treasure. Directed by the American Pie director Paul Weitz, the movie also strays from his usual cinematic presence. Hence, it is something you can pick for a change and enjoy.

So, go ahead and take your pick from 6 Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day and do let us know how was our selection!

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