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My share of spotlight - Global Fashion Street

Models on the Ramp

PAGDI at India Runway Week by designer Varija Bajaj was an ode to womanhood. Varija had dedicated the show to all the women who tirelessly work towards making this world a better place for everyone around. The show was dedicated to these Women who are today, the drivers of growth and future.

My share of spotlight - Global Fashion Street

Varija Bajaj with Chesi

“There were a lot of apprehensions and concerns but I knew I had to do this. For once…it wasn’t about making others happy but my own self.” Said Varija who had taken the step to introduce Chesi Anne Basil, her star for the evening at India Runway Week, a 16 year old cancer patient whose only wish was to be a model and walk the ramp. “Her motto is to celebrate life and be a role model for so many others who are fighting this deadly disease.”

My share of spotlight - Global Fashion Street

Chesi with her Mom

Designer Varija Bajaj was approached by Make-A-Wish Foundation to fulfil her wish. And two days after the show, this is what Anne has to say about her experience…

“There are times in our lives, moments where we feel that the whole world has come to a standstill. Everything around is frozen and moments when you hear your own heart beats. Like anybody else, I have had my share of it. There are some which I would recall with a shudder in my heart; that very moment when I was diagnosed with the dreaded disease. When informed of the demise of my grandma… Life stood still all around me… And the shock of it still lingers on…

My share of spotlight - Global Fashion Street

Choreographer Shakir Sheikh with Chesi and model

Then there are moments when happiness deep inside creates a different moment when you feel on top of the world and feels the same with everything still all around. My catwalk on the ramp recently was one such moment which took me on cloud nine and sent goose bumps all over me.

The unending clinical procedures, ever-changing diagnosis and not so promising prognosis; I have had my major share of tensions, worries and aches.
Then in the midst of all misfortunes that was unsettling my happiness the opportunity to take the spotlights of the ramp came as a big surprise.I was apprehensive on the first instance, unsure of my own capabilities and weary of my own ignorance in the field.

My share of spotlight - Global Fashion Street

Varija Bajaj with Chesi backstage

As I was ushered into the arena with its associated buildup. I could feel a newfound energy filling in me and surprising element of confidence appearing from nowhere. I can’t thank enough the entire team of Varija Design Studio who helped not only grooming me but also boosting my confidence at every step.

Then as I walked the ramp and with all eyes fixed on me, I felt after a long-long time that life had been good to me and it was great to be here amidst all the worries.I fail to express the happiness however, hard I try. But I would want to confess that the opportunity has done a world of good to me in raising my level of confidence to an all time high. I feel I am worth. I feel that I have it in me. I feel I have a long way to go…

My share of spotlight - Global Fashion Street

Chesi backstage getting ready for the show

The recent turn of events prior to the event had a telling effect on my morale and this single event has transformed me to new being, much more confident and a whole lot positive, filled with happiness. Thank you one and all for the support, for the opportunity, for standing by me and for making it happen.

I have in mind a list of names with my ma right on top and first of all a big thanks to make My Wish Foundation , Vishal sir , Mridul and all the volunteers of the foundation who contributed in to fulfill my dream and thank you so much to the person who has turned the most special person in my life, who played the role of a genie in my life, who offered me a chance, Mrs.Varija Bajaj, the owner of Varija Design Studio. This world is a beautiful place with people like her. I also want to thank all the wonderful people who worked around me and my own mates who encouraged me and each one who applauded even a single step of mine.

All the success and the positive aspects of the event can be directly attributed to the unstinting support rendered by all.

I shall bow in admiration of all that effort which has made me a different person in life, today.”

Thank you
Chesi Anne Basil

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