My Tryst with the Tigers in Thailand

The Remarkable Trip to Phuket’s Tiger Den

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We have all had our share of experience with the wild life sometime. While most city dwellers have admired the big cats in a zoo, the more daring ones head for a wildlife sanctuary, but my trip to Thailand a couple of years back was a total stunner when I experienced the Tiger Resort!

My Tryst with the Tigers in Thailand - Global Fashion Street

My Tryst with the Tigers in Thailand

It’s the summer holidays in India that takes me out of domestic borders for my holidaying every year and this trip to Thailand, although started like a regular tour but ended quite eventfully, thanks to the beautiful big cats.

We reached Bangkok and took flight to Phuket. The cab ride from Phuket to our village resort where we had our stay bookings was splendid as we hit the main road that had hills on one side and the sea on the other throughout. The first day was spent looking at the city around.

My Tryst with the Tigers in Thailand - Global Fashion Street

The next day we planned to visit the Tiger Resort. It’s amazing to see how well they have managed to keep the cats and develop the resort. There are different sections divided according to the size of the Tigers; the big cats, the medium cats, the small cats and the smallest cats.

Since kids are considered food for the big cats, so, they are allowed either in the small or medium section only. I went to see the Big Cat while my husband took my kid to the smallest cats section.

Before I stepped into the cage I was instructed by the keeper about a few dos and don’ts, like we are not supposed to move very fast inside the cage as that catches the tiger’s eye and it immediately pounces upon.

My Tryst with the Tigers in Thailand - Global Fashion Street

The section had twelve full grown Bengal tigers and my heart skipped a beat when I realized I was inside with the tigers. I could feel my heart pumping and racing while I slowly tried to touch the Wild beast. And then it roared.

I felt a sharp chill running down my spine. I gathered my courage to feel the tiger again and as instructed, started to rub the tummy of the cat. Gradually, the cat relaxed and gave me full access to pamper her but only I knew how I was managing to stay that close to her.

Wild is wild for sure and this time I was caged with them. I could manage to touch four of them and was relieved enough when the time was up. I heaved a heavy sigh the moment I stepped out. Finally I could pull a full breath!

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  1. Wow thirlling experiene. I m planning to visit thailand. Eager to feel this experience.

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