Self encounter – You know yourself but do you know your inner self

I, Me, Myself are these self or it is bigger than these words

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Have u ever traveled in Airplane? If the answer is yes then you would know what I am talking about.  Before your flight takes off the air hostess comes with instructions stating that during any emergency please take care of yourself before you take care of your kids or loved ones.

Self encounter - You know yourself but do you know your inner self - Global Fashion Street

Pixabay || Self encounter – You know yourself but do you know your inner self

But truly this self is a very small self.

By the term self we not only mean just YOU but complete you within you and outside you..Okie confused… Supposed to be… Let me clear the complete set up by the terms I mean here.

Let’s talk about within you first. Within you begins when you reach inside your body. How to reach within you?. All you know by far is meditate to connect to your inner self. It is true.

Self encounter - You know yourself but do you know your inner self - Global Fashion Street

You need to concentrate by closing your eyes and focusing on your breath.

Count 1 to 5 while you breathe in and count 1 to 5 while you breathe out.

Once you practice your breathing you may start next level of reaching you self from within.

See with your closed eyes your body within. Yes, closed eyes will take you to your parts from toes, veins, bones, stomach, kidney , pancreas, intestines, heart, and to brain.

Once you reach your one body part stay there for few seconds.

Talk to your body part as you talk to another living person.

Ask your toe, how have you been today? Are you tired? Do you need a massage for relaxation?

Self encounter - You know yourself but do you know your inner self - Global Fashion Street

After you asked these you may wait 3 seconds before you say Thank you to your toe. Say thank you my toe for giving balance to my body today.

Thank you my toe for your support in gripping my footwear.

Thank you my toe for protecting me.

Once you say thank you then you may guide them to relax…Put them to sleep.

Say relax my big toe you have done good work today… Relax … Relax … Relax…

Like this you move to your next body part, give few seconds to each and follow the same process of


Thanking and


And once you have finished doing this you will realise that you have reached your Inner self…

Watch out for my next article about reaching your outside Self .

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  1. a great articale and experience shared by bravo Indian women by Maneesha mattas
    A great example of women empowerment how she managed her family her self her work and dignity keep sharing in public intrest
    And thanks globalfashion street to sharing

  2. Extra ordinary articale by Maneesha mattas how to be manage your self and if you care properly your self u can manage also ur family friends relatives your work and everything

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