Its time you started that Mobile Detox

Understand how important it is for you to go for a mobile detox program

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The constant interaction with our phones and especially the neck-down-syndrome is gradually making us think less, focus less, work less and get tired more. The consistent buzz of notifications, unending levels of video games and multiple social networking platforms are eventually taking its toll on our Mind, body and soul.

Its time you started that Mobile Detox - Global Fashion Street

Its time you started that Mobile Detox || Pixabay

It is now that we need to know just how important it is for all of us who constantly use technology to go not just for body detoxification but also a Mobile detoxification program. Surprised? It’s true. We are so hooked to our mobiles these days that we can’t take our mind off technology.

Basically our mobile handsets are not letting us take rest thanks to various windows which are always active on our smart phones and thus making us restless. So much so that we have all actually started ignoring the presence of real people around. It’s time we realize, how much smart the machine is, its eventually making us dumb!

Its time you started that Mobile Detox - Global Fashion Street

So here are some pointers to make your life easier and get started with a mobile Detoxification-

1. Put a sleep and wake up timer on your mobile for mobile handset.
2. Time your emails with gap of 30minutes interval.
3. Try to keep your mobile handset in handbag or on table.
4. Holding mobile handset in hand makes you more curious to look at it frequently.
5. Ask your friends, colleagues and loved ones to put away phones when interacting face to face.

Hold pen or anything that is precious in your hand for long so that the urge of touching or holding mobile handsets goes away slowly.

And if all this sounds difficult, well they made it easier for you – There’s an application on mobile store where you get a plant seed to grow on lock screen, the plant grows more and healthier if you don’t touch your mobile handset for long hours. Download this  planting seed application:

Its time you started that Mobile Detox - Global Fashion Street

This application will surely help you to stay away as we don’t want to see our own plant die.

With the above detoxification style you need to just implement it slowly, the human mind registers and routines a habit if followed for 21days continuously. Plan it with short intervals and follow it to 21day schedule.

Sounds difficult? Yes, it is a bit difficult in the beginning but once you start you will be in control!

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  1. Your articles are always great n much information giving. I am definitely going to try the Mobile Detox from this moment.

    The Plant thing is awesome by the way. Will surely help the purpose get positively concluded.

    Thank you 🙂

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