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10 Facts You Need To Discover About 21st Century      Wedding Fashion

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By Regina Due

While most wedding traditions around the world have stayed the same all these years, what has brought about a paradigm shift is Fashion.

Brides no longer wear the huge, pouf-sleeved gowns that were so popular just a few decades ago, and (thankfully) many modern bridesmaids will never have to face the horror that is taffeta. In light of these changing times, we took a look at some of the best modern wedding fashion trends of the 21st century.

A Girl’s Best Friend?

Spice Up Your Wedding - Global Fashion Street

The classic white diamond is no longer your only choice when it comes to picking out engagement rings. Celebrities such as Eva Longoria and Kate Middleton have contributed to the modern tradition of colored stones in engagement rings. If you’re looking for something unique, why not opt for a ruby or sapphire engagement ring?

Let’s Get Fresh

Spice Up Your Wedding - Global Fashion Street

Instead of shelling out the extra cash to get your makeup airbrushed on or applied by a heavy hand, take a cue from other modern brides who have chosen a fresh, dewy makeup look for their weddings. Minimal makeup combined with glowing, shimmery highlights not only accentuate your natural beauty but will also make you look prettier

Your Bridesmaids Will Thank You…
Many 21st century brides are finally giving credence to the old cliché of the bridesmaid dresses “you can totally wear again!” Instead of taffeta gowns and stuffy crinoline, modern bridesmaids are wearing breezy, chic dresses that are casual enough to wear to the office or on a date. Trust us; your girls will thank you if you opt for this trend!

Get Comfy

Spice Up Your Wedding - Global Fashion Street

Rather than choosing satin pumps that make you wince as you walk down the aisle, try taking a page out of other modern brides’ books and choose a pair of fun, dressy sneakers or flats that will easily transfer to the dance floor!

Something Old, Something New
We agree, this old rhyme is sweet, but maybe not very practical. Instead of adding yet another item to your to-do list before the big day, why not choose to incorporate one heirloom into your wedding ensemble and leave the borrowed and blue items at home? On a day when you’re al-ready working so hard to make it perfect, you really don’t need to add a scavenger hunt into the mix.

The New Groom
The powder blue tuxedos of yesteryear are no more! In fact, grooms need not even wear a tux. Many modern men are choosing to dress in creatively matched separates for their big day, giving their outfit a more unique and bespoke feel. No groom is the same, then why look same!

Make it different

Spice Up Your Wedding - Global Fashion Street

It’s not just diamonds that are getting a modern twist; many 21st century brides are choosing to wear wedding dresses in shades that are anything but the traditional white. Vibrant red, soft pink and even rich black gowns can be gorgeous choices for your big day.

Head’s Up
Many modern brides are foregoing veils in favour of softer, more romantic hairstyles that feature loose curls and floral accents. Sometimes, simplicity is the best answer.

Step out right
When picking out your manicure and pedicure choices you don’t necessarily have to stick to the traditional pinks or clear tones. You could, like many other modern brides opt for bright and fun nail polish colours.

Be you on your big day, and if turquoise blue is your favourite colour, why not show it with your pedi?

Love’s In Bloom
A final classic element of wedding style that’s getting a breath of fresh air is the bridal bouquet. Instead of choosing fabric or plastic flowers bound with thick ribbon, many modern brides are choosing to use freshly picked wildflowers for their floral needs. Not only is this modern trend an affordable option but it’s also a simple and sweet touch to any wedding.

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