The Different Kinds of Women’s Street Fashion Style

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Street style is one of the most prevalent trends lately, but it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where street style ends and where it begins. There’s so many types and variations on the trend, but one thing’s for sure: street style exudes an unrivalled confidence and style savviness that has fashionistas everywhere striving to get the look. So, how do you get the street look? This guide to the different types of women’s street fashion will have you navigating this tricky trend with ease and soon you’ll be curating stunning looks from your very own closet. Enjoy, fashionistas.

1. Preppy
This type of street fashion blends Gossip Girl with 90s style, leaving you with a look that would definitely get you sent
to the principal’s office. Think mini skirts and turtlenecks, knee-high socks and booties, khakis and stilettos—the juxtaposition of demure and daring makes this trend so interesting and not at all girl next door. With endless outfit combinations, the preppy street style trend is here to stay.

The Different Kinds of Women's Street Fashion Style - Global Fashion Street

2. Athleisure
Celebrities are giving this style life—although, it’s not hard to understand why walking around in joggers and sneakers is a trend that’s spreading like wildfire. Brands are quickly picking up on this need for youthful, comfortable clothing that gives the wearer an effortless style that practically screams “I’m too cool to care about what I wear”. And it’s effective. Look for bomber jackets, track pants, slouchy hoodies paired with crop tops, and the ever-pristine sneakers. But make no mistake: these outfits are not for actually working out. You just want to look like you’re about to go to the gym, but never actually sweat in them.

The Different Kinds of Women's Street Fashion Style - Global Fashion Street

3. Femme-Punk
This street style is so fun, and so dynamic. You get to blend two different aspects of your personality together into one awesome look. It’s all about adding some rock ‘n roll to feminine looks and softening up some hard-core pieces. Pairing a feminine dress with a leather jacket and studded boots is a great way to delve into this style, add ripped tights to a cute skirt and crop top, or top off your maxi dress with funky, statement jewellery that sets the tone. This style is really about merging two different styles, so have fun with it and see where it takes you. For the perfect accessory, check out trendy sandals online that can dress up or dress down any outfit.

The Different Kinds of Women's Street Fashion Style - Global Fashion Street

4. Off-Duty Model
The “off-duty model” look has become incredibly popular over the years thanks to magazines and tabloid, and it really embodies the spirit of street style fashion. It’s all about throwing together an outfit and looking fabulous in it no matter what—even if you look semi-homeless. It’s a mastery of fashion that somehow catches the eye of paparazzi 500 feet away. Play with this trend by wearing long coats, boyfriend jeans, sun hats, bright heels, scarves and (of course) your shades. Walk tall and own your outfits, and hey, maybe you’ll get a couple paparazzi snaps yourself.

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