A Guide to Gigi Hadid-Inspired Streetwear learn it her style

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Gigi Hadid isn’t your average model. She’s a savvy fashionista that’s risen to stardom and is instantly recognizable by her stunning Californian looks and impeccable taste. Her ability to rock streetwear like nobody’s business is inspiring women everywhere to get in on this easy-to-wear trend that’s spreading fast and showing zero signs of slowing down.

Whether it’s the athleisure aspect or the way anyone can put their own stylish twist on this style, the streetwear trend is easy to make your own and rock no matter the occasion. Find out exactly how to get Gigi Hadid’s streetwear look for yourself, because you deserve a style that’s as badass and fabulous as you.

1. Rugged and Feminine
Gigi is skilled at walking a fine line between overly rugged and overly feminine. She uses just enough of each to give her outfits depth and intrigue, which is a pretty impressive skill. Emulate this technique by pairing your ripped-up boyfriend jeans with metallic stilettos and a camisole, or a sexy dress with high tops. It might feel wrong at first, but it’ll look so right. Find the best pairing pieces at Tiger Mist to get the perfect blend of dishevelled and stylish.

A Guide to Gigi Hadid-Inspired Streetwear - Global Fashion Street

2. Leather Jacket
Gigi is never far from her leather jacket, and now neither are we. A (faux) leather jacket is the perfect top off to almost any outfit, whether it’s leggings and sneakers or a skin-tight bodycon dress, and it’s super warm and comfy (because yes, even fashionistas get chilly). Keep a few varieties of the leather jacket on hand, like a badass studded one and a sophisticated, simple one so that you always have options to play with to achieve a flawless look. Find more tips here on how to build up the perfect streetwear wardrobe.

A Guide to Gigi Hadid-Inspired Streetwear - Global Fashion Street

3. Peekaboo Bralette
While this is definitely not mom-approved, letting hints of your sexy bralettes peek through are absolutely within Gigi’s streetwear arsenal. It’s always tasteful and chic, but her blazer over nothing but a bralette combo is scorching and somehow sophisticated. Layer yours under a draped sweater, a backless shirt, or a cardigan for your own peekaboo look that’s perfect for a night out on the town.

A Guide to Gigi Hadid-Inspired Streetwear - Global Fashion Street

4. Play with Proportions
Gigi is a master at playing with proportions and balancing her looks. She absolutely knows when to layer on a long overcoat, and when simply wearing socks with her oxfords will get the layers she’s after. But Gigi takes this balancing act a step further: she also knows exactly when to pare back her makeup and hair to let a stunning outfit take centre stage, and when her outfit needs one more key detail to look just right, but never overdone. Steal her style savviness for yourself by softening and blurring the lines of each piece of your outfit. For example, pair thigh-high boots with a slouchy dress and either a cropped jacket or a long overcoat, depending on your mood. You can even add knitted socks that pop an inch above the boot for even more depth and layers to your look.

A Guide to Gigi Hadid-Inspired Streetwear - Global Fashion Street

5. Athleisure
The athleisure trend is a fundamental part of streetwear style, and nobody rocks it better than Gigi in her off-duty model getups. You don’t have to go full athletic gear to nail this trend; look for racing stripe detailing, slouchy tops, bomber jackets, joggers, and fresh sneakers to get that athleisure feel. The best part? These combos are so comfy, you’ll wonder why you wore anything else.

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