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Global Fashion Street brings you a preview of collections from Designers ready to showcase at the Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2016. Here’s a sneak peek into what the collections would be like

Constantinople by Designer Shruti Sancheti

The epicentre of Cross cultural pollination – Istanbul forms the narration for Shruti’s Fall 2016-17 collection. This City of contradiction poetically embraces the modern and Mythical. Unfolding the multifaceted spectrum of this enriched city, Constantinople celebrates the neo-Ethnic Diversity.

AIFW Aw 16 Preview - Global Fashion Street

Autumn winter collection @AIFW by Designer Shruti Sancheti

Rooted in the Islamic architecture and the Byzantine Opulence, the collection features Ultra luxurious modern cuts with quintessential handcrafted brilliance. Conflicting pattern clashes of Fluid Paisley, Geometric mosaics and rustic clamp dying forms the core DNA of this line. Versatile and Vivacious, this collection is the perfect postcard to the land of Sultans and their timeless Sultanate.

The Collection is a paradox of conflicting craft’s, fabrics and cultural ethos, deeply influenced by the unconventional characteristics of the historic and exotic city. Since the distinctive feature of our brand is to celebrate textiles and crafts, the collection offers natural fibres like finely woven Karnataka silk, chanderi, chambray, wool, teamed with international favourite’s like felt and denim, to impart a global appeal.

The handwork is a nod to rich heritage of this unique city in terms of screen printing, block printing and even digital prints on natural fibres, with motifs of paisley’s, Turkish medallions, prints from majestic architecture and tiles and the famous Turkish rugs.

AIFW Aw 16 Preview - Global Fashion Street

Autumn winter collection @AIFW by Designer Shruti Sancheti

Intricate surface ornamentation includes exquisite carpet embroidery, nomadic Kurdish laces, Gunmetal diskettes and sequins to offer a native and authentic look.

Innovative yet global silhouettes inspired by the two conflicting culture’s but with a contemporary twist like long pleated skirts, midi’s, maxis, capes, peplum shirts, wide legged trousers, culottes, shirt dresses, asymmetrical hemlines, unconventional denim jackets with exquisite surface ornamentation and more are an integral part of the collection.

The colour palette is deep and dark like oxblood, burnt orange, deep purple’s, royal blue, teal, slate grey; perfect for the upcoming Autumn/Winter.

Value additions like interesting scarves, shawls, gunmetal brooches and customized gunmetal mules have been added to complete the look.

It offers a collection for the ardent connoisseur, the other end of a fashion spectrum and bestows a detail oriented, historically, geographically and culturally inspired garments that are global in their execution yet steeped in local traditions.


AIFW Aw 16 Preview - Global Fashion Street

Reynu Taandon AW 16 Collection

The bells of change to welcome the fresh will be at the core in the A / W 16’ collection by Reynu Taandon .The collection is aimed at a refreshing note of kaleidoscopic designs of tribal culture that’s been integrated into every imaginable contemporary wear. The collection is a series of period creations comprising of embroidered jackets, high waist trousers, skirts, and capes, each with a story to tell and unravel a mystery.

Inspired by the modern woman who travels globally where, her every ready-to-wear outfit makes a fashion statement in itself, the collection is a classic combination of fit and unfit. The creations are defined by her feminine style, guided by the aim of making women ‘self-confident, intriguing, playful and feminine to become urban divas no matter what context they find themselves in’.

For the AW collection Reynu has handpicked unique items along with the new sand wash suede and felt fabric. Since it’s not easy to re-invent styles that last for decades, it’s a potpourri of versatility. She has infused her thread work as the main USP that connects all the pieces together, be it in print or hand knitted. The unique silhouettes with balloon puff opulent sleeves are re-introduced back in fashion and are combined with classic capes and chic vintage heritage jackets.

Sahai Ambar Pariddi showcasing “Memoir”

As she debuts for the Amazon India Fashion Week

AIFW Aw 16 Preview - Global Fashion Street

Sahai Ambar Pariddi’s collection Memoir

Memoir is inspired by the captivating allure of the mystery of the ocean. These statement accessory pieces have their silhouettes derived from the fluid merging and layering of the different hues, the musical, magical harmony of the crashing waves and vibrancy of the countless eco systems thriving underwater.

AIFW Aw 16 Preview - Global Fashion Street

Sahai Ambar Pariddi’s collection Memoir

In many a way the sea is the perfect summation of the new age woman who is compassionate, relentless, calm and clever simultaneously. She is a saga of emotions and turmoil, all buried under a large expanse of calm demeanour. And just like the sea she supports life within and beyond herself. She also nurtures expecting nothing in return.

AIFW Aw 16 Preview - Global Fashion Street

Sahai Ambar Pariddi’s collection Memoir

Women today who shine out like a beacon to be all empowered, uninhibited and strong enough to dream large.

AIFW Aw 16 Preview - Global Fashion Street

Sahai Ambar Pariddi’s collection Memoir


A celebration of excess and maximalism all the way.

Textures from jewellery are the inspiration for embroideries, textile selection and placements.

A versatile metal appears through the collection in its varied avatars, used to create classically delicate ensembles with a fine jewellery feel, or as industrially dramatic to opulently rustic chunky pieces in tribal jewellery with accents of coloured stonework. The tone is at some places shiny, or high-gloss and sleek, or tarnished and rustic at others.

Against a striking colour palette the line travels from ethereally pretty to stylistically futurist to powerfully nomadic.

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