Are You Aware Of The Latest Beauty Trends This Coming Season

Nalin Verma Co-Founder & Director, Euro Chroma Institute of Cosmetology tells you how to transform yourself with the latest in the beauty industry.

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Beauty trends run so fast. Catching up with them and updating your style segment, is an art. Where 2016 talked about organic products, 2017 saw trends in other directions. This year will demand products even rawer and closer to their natural state. 

Use products which contain herbal extracts, antioxidants, vitamins and essential oils. Don’t use products which are loaded with the chemicals. The best ingredients are natural to repair your skin and looking fresh and young. Some of the new trends will rule in the coming days: 

Are You Aware Of The Latest Beauty Trends This Coming Season - Global Fashion Street

Richness in probiotic products

Awareness of richness of pro-biotic products: Helpful bacterias like Lactobacillus and Bifid Bacterium are now in these products. These products are working to change the tradition since 2017.

High tech products will take over

They reduce your patches and even match to your skin tone. They also help to hide your imperfection. These products should be handled with care or else they can damage your skin as in un-repairable damage. Choose your product and salon wisely. Advancements in technology in the form of 3D printers has an impact. Facial cleansing is at the same level for brands on mass segments as well as premium level.

Are You Aware Of The Latest Beauty Trends This Coming Season - Global Fashion Street

The fresh aqua

Freshwater products are now more preferable. The big beauty brands are investing a lot in it and making the products pure with water availability. These big brands are ready to do anything for it, getting resources by climbing mountains for the possible purest drop of water. For the health of the skin, there’s a need for presence and retention of moisture. Luxury brands are combining solution bases from multiple sources for the purest water droplets. Brands are taking water transparency and welcoming their customers to take a peek into their manufacturing process. 

Smudgy Eyes

Smudgy eyes are the talk of the town. So besides classic smoky eyes, you can also give your eyes a bohemian look by smudgy eyeliner make up. Wear dark mascara, Kajal or eyeliner this will bring out the intense beauty of your eyes.

Are You Aware Of The Latest Beauty Trends This Coming Season - Global Fashion Street

Besides the Eyeliner, eyelashes and Kajal there is a huge craze for contact lenses nowadays. The style is now on the peak. Therefore eye makeup is not limited to only the eyes makeup it also beautifies the iris.

Glitter all the way

In a selfie minded world, the glittery lips will give you the perfect party selfie. And if not glittery lips, go for glittery eyes; make sure that your eyeliner is smudgy black with those glittering eyes. And what is the biggest trend among all? It’s your inner thought, how you define beauty; it’s all about changing your perception of beauty. Carry what you wear, always stay fit.

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