Attilio presents Temporary Solitude

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Attilio presents Temporary Solitude - Global Fashion Street

Italian artist Attilio Tripodi

Meet Italian artist Attilio Tripodi, who presents his work of pictures taken with the most unconventional perspective, the exhibition on display at the India International Centre New Delhi, A Meditation on , aims to bring you the surprise element of world around us. As the artist says, We are never alone. Even when this condition appears unmistakably clear.

Attilio presents Temporary Solitude - Global Fashion Street

Across the square

We share life with everything around us. The moment of time that brings us to any situation is spiritually and universally a connection of everyone and everything that surrounds us, be it in thoughts, emotions or the actions. It is the universal energies beyond our reach and control that make us one. We are one.

Attilio presents Temporary Solitude - Global Fashion Street

Before the match

We have more or less consolidated our material reality, but we are not often aware of our inner spiritual nature, or worse, we deny it.

Attilio presents Temporary Solitude - Global Fashion Street

How you can stem the emotion of the immense

Our earthly journey invites us in every moment to join the evolutionary path of self-awareness: it is an inner journey that can begin at any time and in any place, with a vision, a word, a sound that wakes us up from slumber.

Attilio presents Temporary Solitude - Global Fashion Street

My direction

Invisible energies are activated for this to happen, but it’s up to us to create the openness required. It is in meditative solitude that we create the conditions for this awakening to occur and turn into a concrete chance.

Attilio presents Temporary Solitude - Global Fashion Street

On the way to themselves

I imagined that the protagonists in the pictures even when solitarily immersed in themselves are in a way seeking the strength within, a prelude to a deep inner discovery.

I imagined that they had reached for a moment of solitude just looking for the answers to those relentless questions that we all have which sooner or later show up their own answers.

Attilio presents Temporary Solitude - Global Fashion Street

Embroidering thinking

I imagined that their temporary solitude had activated a shiver which would enlighten their lives and would give them a clearer and more authentic vision of themselves.

Attilio presents Temporary Solitude - Global Fashion Street


By meditating on these possible ‘miracles’ of everyday life, I took these photographs – looking for a deep connection with each of the unsuspecting subjects of this collection, while consciously accompanied by my own temporary solitude.

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