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A special meditation to calm down, relax and balance the heart

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Gurunam Singh

Why am I, born and bred in the west, writing an article about yoga to an audience in the east, where yoga and meditation originated from? It seems ridiculous. You may ask yourself “Is he some kind of authority on yoga or meditation?” I wouldn’t say that. I know a lot of people that have gone much further into the depths of their meditations than me, and can access those depths much more consistently than I can, on a daily basis. Yet, I have practiced yoga for a long time now. I still have a lot of problems I had 20 years ago, when I started practicing/praying/serving.


The difference now is I am more likely to feel my mind relax as I am praying, where it used to be a struggle. Life is stressful, busy and difficult. For people to take care of themselves, let alone take care of a family, it is hard to stay calm, hard to stay focused, hard to stay happy. Many in the east have lost touch with their roots are just as off kilter as those of us in the west, smile emoticon. It’s a lot of honking horns, a lot of drama, a lot of fighting being alive today. People are drained from bad relationships, whether it is their own fault or their partner/spouse. People have lost their energy and are running on reserve. How do we get back our vitality when the stress and pressure is so constant?


We need peace in our minds. We need a technology that can give us that peace. Here are some ways you have always known about to calm your mind and emotions. Through meditation, service, prayer, yoga.


Anyone of these can bring a person back to their soul; can give a person the touch of grace, so they can feel the blessings of the Divine within themselves. In the east you were born with this information, unlike us in the west, who are just learning it. It is embedded in your consciousness and surroundings; yet, you may still find yourself feeling lost, depressed, and disconnected. Below is a special meditation specifically to calm your mind and balance the heart. I hope in your lives you will take the time to practice this, very easily, very simply, and see the results it can bring instantly.

P.S.- You may want to take out “Jalandar Bhand, and Gyan Mudra and just say to sit and put pointer finger with the thumb. And not worry about applying Jalandar Bhand.. I love this easy meditation.

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