Piercing Trends 2019| Must-Try Body Piercing Jewelry this Summer

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Summers calls for a complete revamp by updating everything old. And when the talk is about body jewelry wardrobe, what can be a better start than adding a few jewelry items that are trending. To help you get started, we have come up with a list of body piercing jewelry that is foreseen to become a huge hit this season. Here’s list of options:

Piercing Trends 2019| Must-Try Body Piercing Jewelry this Summer - Global Fashion Street

Ziv, 21, from Israel has been sporting piercings since she was 15.

1. Studs for Constellation Lobe Piercings: Constellations are multiple perforations from the lower to middle ear lobe. This type of piercing doesn’t necessarily follow one pattern or line. For a stylish look, go for minimalist rings and studs with mix-and matching styles. You can also buy galaxy-inspired rings/studs to create a more unique look.

2. Nose Studs/Hoops for Multiple Nose Piercings: Multiple nose piercings are on-trend this summer season. Whether they line up without a pattern or horizontally, small nose piercings can exist on a nostril. You can adorn your piercings with colorful or plain studs or don thin nose hoops. Choose from platinum, gold or diamond nose jewelry to add elegance and class to your nose piercing. These jewelry items will complement all your fashion dresses perfectly.

Piercing Trends 2019| Must-Try Body Piercing Jewelry this Summer - Global Fashion Street

3. The Belly Ring: Summers are all about flaunting bikini bodies and what can be a better way of doing it through belly piercing rings. And the good part is that these rings are not just for thin and young women; ladies and men of all sizes and ages are also getting their belly pierced. From dangle and non-dangle belly button rings to diamond belly button rings, there are tons of options to go for. The best idea is to gemstone 14k gold belly ring to add both shine and color to your belly piercing.

4. Gold Nipple Clickers: Nipple piercing is making waves this summer. While the options for nipple piercing jewelry are endless, gold clicker nipple rings are trending. Clicker rings offer a perfect alternative to captive bead or seamless hoops. As the clicker fits satisfyingly into place, it will give you a secure feel.

5. Industrial Barbells for The Snug Piercing: In this piercing, perforation is done in the middle of the ear lobe. While snug piercing is unusually placed, it still allows other areas of the ear to get pierced. To achieve the on-trend look of a snug piercing, adorn your piercing with a cultural pearl industrial barbell. For more elegance, picking a diamond straight barbell would be an ideal choice.

Piercing Trends 2019| Must-Try Body Piercing Jewelry this Summer - Global Fashion Street

6. Fine Studs for The Medusa Piercing: This lip/facial piercing is done in the middle of one’s upper lip. To achieve a minimalist yet elegant look with this piercing, go for small studs. Pair your medusa piercing with other facial perforations for a striking look.

7. Ball/Gemstone Studs for The Dermal piercing on Chest: A dermal piercing or a single-point piercing is a perforation that will lie on a flat surface of your body. This piercing gives the illusion of having a small bead on the skin’s surface. Talking about dermal piercing trends for 2019, piercings on the chest are hugely popular. You can get it done with a ball stud or a gemstone stud.

Jazz up your summer body jewelry wardrobe with these latest fashion trends. These body piercing jewelry items will not just make your piercings look great, but will also help you create a subtle fashion statement.

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