Scented Soy Candles for Your Olfactory Pleasure

On a lookout for ‘all smells good’ we stumbled upon some real nice options.

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Smell is one of the most powerful triggers to our memory. The whiff of a smell long forgotten can easily transport you. And we have all experienced the ‘Proustian moment’ when a particular scent conjures up a certain place, time or experience. Speaking of which, one the easiest way to enhance your ambience with fragrances of your choice is candles. They are budget friendly, statement pieces that can make your place more welcoming. On a lookout for ‘all smells good’ we stumbled upon some real nice options. And for this purpose, we have curated a list of 10 scented soy candles for your olfactory pleasure.

For those not obsessed with candles, let us just explain what soy candles are. Soy candles are made from soybean oil, unlike the regular candles that are made using paraffin wax. And therefore, soy candles burn slowly, are eco-friendly, produce less soot and much cleaner to use. Paraffin wax is made from petroleum which is non- renewable. Soy wax is made from natural produces. As a bonus, soy wax is also non-toxic and does not release toxic chemicals when burnt. Thus making it an ideal choice when it comes to creating an ambience with candles.

1. Mandarin Lime Candle

Scented Soy Candles for Your Olfactory Pleasure

This candle is the zest for life you have been looking for. The tangy and refreshing smells of mandarin orange and lime is an energizer. It is the best ‘pick-me-up’ fragrance.

Suggested Use-If you had a stressful and a long day at work, we suggest you light this candle to make it better. You will feel all your stress meltaway with every sniff of this scent.

2. Driftwood Scent Candle

This smell is more for people who like earth, toned down smells. The musk, vanilla and sandalwood are combined together to create magic. The best part? The smell is not heavily masculine or feminine.

Suggested Use-This scent can be best used for house parties. It sets the tone for a really chilled out evening of light cocktails with friends.

3. Mediterranean Breeze Candle

As the name suggests, the fragrance is all things good. It is what vacation on a beach would smell like. It is fresh and rejuvenating.

Suggested Use-Not been able to take the vacation you have longed for so long? Just light this candle, play some light music and relax like a boss.

4. Mogra (Jasmine) Candle

This is an intoxicating, sensual and nostalgic scent. The smell of mogra (Arabian jasmine) will remind you of cool, winter nights. True to its name, this smell is a perfect scent for all.

Suggested Use-This candle is an everyday use candle. No special occasions needed. Such is the magic of this enchanting beauty.

5. Red Spice Candle

With cinnamon as the heavier tone and light tone of nutmeg and clove, this is a bold fragrance. The spicy scent is not for everyone. But it is certainly for you if you are feeling fierce.

Suggested Use- This candle can be used on occasions you really want to feel in control or powerful. The scent can also be a great stimulant while doing some light exercises or cardio.

6. Honeysuckle Jasmine Candle

The fragrance is subtle, yet powerful. Frankly, it is a strong floral bouquet smell, with underlying tones of lemon. Thus making it one of the most sought after scented soy candles.

Suggested Use- Draw a bath and light this candle for the perfect mood setter. Honeysuckle and Jasmine are great morning scents that will just help you breeze through your day.

7. Citronella Candle

Citronella is not a smell for everyone. It is a little strong with aftertaste of camphor and green citrus. It leans towards the heavier side of zest lemon. However, the scent does bring in a lot of positive energy.

Suggested Use- This is the best pick to make your house free of insects. Citronella is a natural insect repellant and can add great energy to your house.

8. Black Tea and Pomegranate

This unusual and unconventional smell is a pleasant surprise. The smoky scent of tea and pomegranate is surprisingly captivating. The fruity smell combined with woody aftertaste is a delight.

Suggested Use- An afternoon delight! This is the kind of smell that would add more glamour to a high-tea party or a small get together.

9. Lemongrass Scented Candle

It would be unfair to write about scents and leave out lemongrass. The citrus and grassy smell of this candle will make for the perfect getaway.

Suggested Use- This scent is a preferred pick for afternoon or evening. Additionally, it also acts as an insect repellant.

10. Lavender Scented Candle

This one is a classic. It is hard to not like lavender if you want a soothing and calming experience. The fresh, flowery and green scent is a hit.

Suggested Use- Lavender scented candle can be a sleep enhancer. The scent helps to calm you down and set the mood for a relaxed time.
A tip- try using a three wick candle for better burning experience.

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