10 Christmas Movies to watch this December

Splurge in some festivity spirit

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There is festivity in the air and we are all geared up to celebrate the upcoming holiday season with full pomp. So, to help you make your holidays more snuggly and cheerful, we have curated a list of 10 Christmas Movies to watch this December.

10 Christmas Movies to watch this December

1. Last Christmas (2019)

A movie starring Henry Golding (Yes, the guy we all loved in Crazy Rich Asians) and Emilia Clarke, this 2019 movie is quite different in its approach. It is not a clichéd love story with the same storyline but a feel-good movie that happens to come once in a while. The movie is a different take on how we view love and friendship. Moreover, it shows that the connect we feel with someone may transcend beyond what we know. So, if you are ready to feel the Christmas spirit come alive in Central London, then this is the movie for you.

10 Christmas Movies to watch this December

2. The Christmas Chronicles

There are two parts of this movie but independent of each other. The first one released in 2018 and the latest in 2020. You know a movie is great when it’s a great team behind. The Christmas Chronicles comes from the makers of classics such as Home Alone and Harry Potter. With a hunky Santa like Kurt Russell, the movie is only more watchable. The movie hits the right notes in making you feel as excited as a child ready to live a Christmas fantasy. The comic element too is not missing in the movie, making it a perfect family watch. Considering, the first two instalments being such a hit, there is news of a Part 3 too!

10 Christmas Movies to watch this December

3. A Princess Switch

With the High School Musical actress, Vanessa Hudgens in the lead role, this movie has three parts. The first movie was released in 2018, then the second in 2020 and finally the third in 2021. The movie is a light and easy watch. The base story remains the same yet, every sequel offers variation in the way it deals with its characters. The movie is not just a common fairy-tale that you watch and forget but a good laugh to feel refreshed.

10 Christmas Movies to watch this December

4. Single All The Way

Now, this is a movie that will make you smile for the entire duration of the movie. The beauty of this movie lies in the way it makes you feel and connect with the characters. It is a clichéd rom-com at its best, but with a slight twist. The ‘romance’ in the rom-com is heavy, yet to a defined extent. The movie is progressive and ground-breaking with its choice of story as well as cast. It shows us a side of festivity that we have hardly seen on the big screen. Thus deserving to be one of your picks this Christmas.

10 Christmas Movies to watch this December

5. A boy called Christmas

Movies that are adaptations of books are usually questionable because there is so much that can go wrong. However, A Boy Called Christmas which is based on a book of the same name by Matt Haig differs. With our favourite Maggie Smith in one of the leading roles, the movie is a nostalgic joyride. It is an entertaining pick set in the backdrop of fantasy world and the ever-lovely Christmas feels.

10 Christmas Movies to watch this December

6. Miracle on the 34th Street

This is truly a classic evergreen movie that seems to have retained its charm over the years. It is a movie that you can watch every year and yet, not get bored of it. From the script to the acting- everything has been boiled to perfection in this classic. The emotional ride the movie takes you on makes it a worthwhile watch.

10 Christmas Movies to watch this December

7. Silent Night

If you have not already broken into the carol, I doubt you are even in the Christmas Spirit. The movie is a dark comedy set during the festive time. With a cast as talented as Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode, Annabelle Wallis and many more, the movie is not your typical Christmas movie. With a very different storyline and dark humour giving you the giggles, this 2021 movie is an edgy watch. It is a different take on the clichés we have always watched and hence this recommendation.

10 Christmas Movies to watch this December

8. Let It Snow

This 2019 movie is based on a book by the same name by writers John Green, Maureen Johnson and Laureen Myracle. With an ensemble cast you will love, the movie is an ultimate rom-com for this Christmas watch. It is one of the silly, lovely, pure rom-com that makes your heart yearn for more. It is an easy-going, enduring watch keeping the John Green charm alive.

10 Christmas Movies to watch this December

9. Little Women

Based on the classic book by the same name by Louisa May Alcott, this 2019 movie deserves a special mention. Though not a Christmas story altogether, this classic makes for a warm love story. And hence it is on our list of 10 Christmas Movies to watch this December. As a book written in 1868, the movie adaptation stays true to the story and does justice to the text. Considering the times, the story was written in, it must be commended for the progressive take. No wonder then the story has stayed relevant through generations. The actors have all done admirable work to make us love the characters even more. It is a movie that always stays with you and should definitely not be missed.

10 Christmas Movies to watch this December

10. Love Actually

This 2003 movie is a Christmas gift for all the rom-com lovers out there. The movie does its magic through its ensemble cast and different storylines intertwined together. When different storylines happen in the same movie, it is often easy to get lost rendering the entire movie worthless. However, Love Actually does a brilliant job at keeping you gripped and hoping for a Christmas Miracle.

So, here is wishing that you get the festivity spirit even higher by enjoying these classics and spreading joy.
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