Working From Home isn’t a Problem, it’s Resting at Home

From the diary of a girl stuck in between virtual and reality

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Just when you thought work from home is the best thing to do, life serves you straight up. For all those, who like me, don’t know where to draw the line, these words will resonate well. Working From Home isn’t a Problem, it’s Resting at Home!

The Unending Cycle!

Work just doesn’t end because the work timings don’t end! The moment there’s a message or email even when we are trying to take a short nap- we tend to sit up and see! Frankly, there’s no schedule except following the schedule that gets scheduled because of official work/meetings and don’t forget conference calls!

Working From Home isn't a Problem, it's Resting at Home - Global Fashion Street

Office, Office, Everywhere, Not a Place to Work!

When you are on chair, you want a better backrest, when you are on sofa, you want a better neck position, and finally when you try to sit on the bed and work, you realise, the height isn’t enough, table space isn’t enough and the accessibility isn’t enough. Yet, bed it is!

You are neither lying down nor sitting properly, just hanging in there to slide anytime you can catch up on that! Every tea/coffee mug on the bedside is a reminder to get up yet you procrastinate with the thought, I will get some exercise when I get up to put them in the sink!

Working From Home isn't a Problem, it's Resting at Home - GlobaL Fashion Street

The Vicious Circle!

Since you are checking the phone all the time– you are online so everyone thinks you are OK to work anytime. Meetings that get delayed and meetings that start early don’t leave time even for eating your food peacefully, forget the much needed sutta break! The sutta break doesn’t feel like a me time coz the moment you see your phone for anything not official, you end up clicking the very official update!

Your Place or Mine!

And then the climatic conditions at home! When only one from the couple is working from home the other has to keep busy by posting pictures of dalagona, home garden and herbs or maybe a tiktok! Not to forget the brave attempts at saree or artwork! And, God forbid, couples, who are both working from home. Those are battlegrounds of the new age!

Working From Home isn't a Problem, it's Resting at Home - Global Fashion Street

Gone with the Wind!

And then, the kids. Just when you want them to be busy, they appear right in full frame of the con call! Netflixing without an official update to spoil the fun, is a dream now. So is a workout session, a tea break and a joyful shower!

This virtual that’s turned so real isn’t really working!

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2 thoughts on “Working From Home isn’t a Problem, it’s Resting at Home”

  1. You just nailed this “work from home” myth right.
    In the pre-COVID era, it seemed so cool to maintain a work-life balance by working from home, and everybody craved for it.
    Whereas, a few months into reality, when you work from home, the line between your office time and your home life is so blurred that the work never cease to end. That’s why it becomes all the more important to manage your mind-body-soul intact while managing the work from home with your homework with panache.
    Good writeup. Thanks.

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