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Remember when skinny jeans were used to be the only cool pants style to wear back in the 2005s onward. The fashionistas deemed that the bootcuts like wide leg jumpsuits, and straight-cut jeans were then a fashion no-no. These jeans are so skinny that it got to a point that putting it on was such a struggle. So here’s Embracing Wide Leg Pants – Outfit Ideas!

Embracing Wide Leg Pants in 2018 – Outfit Ideas - Global Fashion Street

(L) Photo from Designers Outfits Collection | (R) Photo from Sazan.me

The wide leg pants are back in style according to the fashion masters and like most trends, it’s difficult to point where exactly this and other pants style comes from. We should look beyond past the trend revivals from the nineties!

The high-waisted leg pants have evolved beyond the boring grays of the past. Now, they come in different colors from bright pink hues to khakis.

Embracing Wide Leg Pants in 2018 – Outfit Ideas - Global Fashion Street

(L) Photo from Outfit Trends | (R) Photo from Oh Darling

Considered to be the 90s power trouser, the evolution of these pants is so much more stylish. Choose a pair that’s high-rise around the waist and a slightly flared bottom. This way, it will elongate your silhouette making you look taller.

To come up with a smart casual look, the material, occasion, length and the waist are some of the things you need to look out for. For instance, a high-waist, wide leg trouser with vertical prints paired with a crisp high neck top could come up with a super versatile look. It can be worn for the office paired with high heels and even date night or dinner with friends while throwing in a leather jacket over your shoulders.

Embracing Wide Leg Pants in 2018 – Outfit Ideas - Global Fashion Street

(L) Photo form Aq/Aq | (R) Photo from Not Dressed As Lamb

For a chicer ensemble, a top and these nineties trousers in the same color could instantly upgrade your usual everyday style. Try tucking in a blouse in your high-waisted wide leg pants.

When you own an unusual-colored wide leg pants, tone it down by adding black to your outfit. It will make you look effortlessly fashionable.

Embracing Wide Leg Pants in 2018 – Outfit Ideas - Global Fashion Street

(L) Photo from theFashionSpot | (R) Photo from Pinterest

One thing you need to remember is to never pair your wide leg culottes with an oversized top. This is due to the fact that you need to be balancing out your proportions, and wearing both oversize pieces could make you look slouchy and short.

When in doubt, a pair of high-waisted wide leg trousers is the simplest form of styling these decades old pants. Take inspiration from A-list Hollywood actresses that could transform your office outfit to after-hours drink outfit. Also, this style is very flattering on every body shape there is.

Embracing Wide Leg Pants in 2018 – Outfit Ideas - Global Fashion Street

(L) Photo from Petite Style Studio | (R) Photo from WWW AU

When opting for high-waisted style, don’t leave your top loose. Instead, brag that waistline of yours.

If you think that your usual suits are boring you, then you certainly need to update your suiting, whether it is for office sakes or a night out. this is already a bold style statement, so maybe it’s best you steer clear from bold colors. Instead choose the neutral ones like white, black, navy or cream. Try to stick to one bold trend one at a time.

Looking for a jacket to pair with your trousers? Try a long-line jacket that will lengthen your torso and elongating your legs while it’s at it. Avoid oversized wide leg pants with this specific jacket.

Embracing Wide Leg Pants in 2018 – Outfit Ideas - Global Fashion Street

(L) Photo from Of Leather and Lace | (R) Photo from Pant Ne

Master the white by choosing looser shapes in wide leg trousers. An all-white outfit is a great way to show off your stylish outfit especially during winter. Wear it with a chunky knit. In the summer, wear it with a tank top.

For night outs, it’s best to choose a cropped style of these pants paired with a cropped jacket or blazer.

For the summer, you could opt for floral-printed wide leg pants paired with a sleeveless white top and a fedora hat. This will make you look Coachella-ready or summer festival ready.

In order to look minimalist, opt for a pair of cropped gray wide leg pants paired with a high neck white sweater. You could finish off your look with cream high heels. This will complete a pretty and clean ensemble.

Embracing Wide Leg Pants in 2018 – Outfit Ideas - Global Fashion Street

(L) Photo from Pinterest | (R) Photo from Glam Radar

Aside from solid colors, stripes also work well with this type of pants. In order to not clash your look, pair a solid-colored cropped top with your pants. It will simply create a fresh yet artistic look.

Photo from Designers Outfits Collection

Show off your newly-bought boots by opting for a cropped wide leg pants. Keep your top simple as you want to give attention to your feet.

If you wear this style of trousers, to create an illusion of leaner legs, choose high heels, specifically one of the platform variety.

Wide leg pants are simply comfortable to wear. These have gotten us heart-eyed making us forget about our love and loyalty to skinny jeans. It’s easy to piece an outfit together and wear it with confidence. If you’re bored of your usual trousers, then it’s definitely time to rethink your choices and add an alternative to your usual options.

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