How to Make Dressing up Fun in Lockdown

How to make the most of this quarantine and stay fashionably happy.

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Let’s get practical, it doesn’t make sense to dress up and stay at home wearing high heels when you have to do house chores the entire day, but it DOES make sense to dress up well for home and move about the house doing your chores while feeling great.

How to Make Dressing up Fun in Lockdown - Global Fashion Street

First rule is to not succumb to negativity and laziness. Make a comfortable routine that gives you ample rest but a good routine to get up early, take shower and dress up for the ‘day-at-home’.

Here are 5 pointers to help you retrospect, analyse and decide how well you can dress up during the times of lockdown.

1. Sustainable fashion- This is the best time to follow what the world is shouting about. Considering washing clothes everyday is no less a task, you can decide on two dresses per week. Wear one dress, handwash it the next day before taking a bath, put it to dry and wear the second dress that day. Repeat for the week and change the dresses the next week with two different ones.

How to Make Dressing up Fun in Lockdown - Global Fashion Street

2. Different colours during the week- All the days have become the same, so an interesting way to feel the day is to divide weekdays in colours. Ancient Indian system had a unique way of colour for each day. Mondays- white, Tuesdays- Orange, Wednesdays- Green, Thursdays- Yellow, Fridays- Pink, Saturdays- Black and Sundays- Red! But you can create your own chart to follow colour of the day routine to make each day different.

How to Make Dressing up Fun in Lockdown - Global Fashion Street

3. Wash n wear- Make sure you don’t end up creating a whole pile for laundry. To save time and energy, unless you have very small kids at home, make it a habit for each family member to handwash their clothes before bathing.

4. Recreate a fashion look from an old magazine/ ad shoot from what’s available at home. Pick up an old issue and finalise a look you can easily recreate.

How to Make Dressing up Fun in Lockdown - Global Fashion Street

5. The classic looks- Pantone color of the year 2020 is blue! In tune with the feelings of the world around. But when it comes to Fashion, Blue is elegance. Double denims are back and so are some summer classic looks of white n blue.

6. Bask in your Mask- people are doing some amazing stuff by creating interesting masks made out of soft cotton cloth at home. Take a clue and use an old T Shirt or cloth available for you.

These grim days might not let you enjoy a great bag or footwear but you can always indulge in some great looking watch and amazing perfume; danglers or a neck piece. Don’t neglect your nails or hair either – the choice is yours, whether to sulk or to bask in your own glory!

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