How to Wear a Maxi Dress for Street Style

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The maxi dress, a staple piece found in every woman’s closet. It is known for its ground-grazing length, its comfort and for its range of patterns, so there’s no wrong way to wear a maxi. From beachwear to formal affairs to hitting the city streets, the maxi is always in style for every body type.

In this edition of Global Fashion Street we present to you some of the simple yet modish ways to elevate your maxi street wear style.

You can update your wardrobe by visiting your favourite store at the mall or can also opt for online retailers like Ice Designs maxi dresses to add to your collection!

Street-chic maxi dress styling 101

How to Wear a Maxi Dress for Street Style - Global Fashion Street

Boho: If you’re channelling your inner hippie the first place to start is buying a retro print maxi – whimsical flowers, geometrical or block colours. Long puffy sleeved maxi’s scream flower power. Finish it off with beaded or gemstone jewelry, a long cardigan, a purse with fringe and a nice strappy pair of flat sandals.

How to Wear a Maxi Dress for Street Style - Global Fashion Street

Floral fun: Who doesn’t own a bright bold and beautiful floral maxi? To make this street-chic offset the chipper floral with simple neutral flats and accessories. Let the bold floral speak for itself.

Add a jacket: For those billowy full maxi’s that are bordering on kaftan territory in terms of shapelessness, make it more figure flattering by adding a jacket. Denim works best. For added oomph, slip on a belt. You know what else looks fantastic with denim and a belt, cowgirl boots for that country girl look.

How to Wear a Maxi Dress for Street Style - Global Fashion Street

Minimalist: Some days it’s refreshing to stick to neutrals and keep things simple. For those days reach for a plain shirtdress maxi and equally simple footwear – neutral flats or booties.

Rock chick: Transform your uber-feminine maxi dress, that pink number with all the frills, into something unexpected. Go rogue by adding combat boots, a leather jacket and heavy jewelry.

How to Wear a Maxi Dress for Street Style - Global Fashion Street

T-shirt and sneakers: Go for the ultra-casual look by wearing a plain shirtdress maxi and don’t forget the stellar kicks! Converse, high tops, etc. And if you’re really digging the sporty feel, a messy bun hat and simple jewelry will take you there.

How to Wear a Maxi Dress for Street Style - Global Fashion Street

Layering: For blustery days or just because, a maxi is so versatile you can toss it over a plain white tee for a relaxed look or over a button-up blouse for a preppy workplace vibe. Maxi’s can be worn over nice trousers for a polished feel too. Layering isn’t limited to what fits underneath, feel free to toss on a jacket or long cardigan to complete whatever style you’re vibing for the day.

Add height: No matter the maxi if you want to achieve that urbanite appeal, pair your dress with heels – wedges, booties or stilettos. It’s very on trend to sport some unexpected footwear.

Street worthy maxi dress styling

How to Wear a Maxi Dress for Street Style - Global Fashion Street

Maxi dresses are timeless and suit every body structure, but it can be head-scratching trying to figure out how to wear it. Maxi’s are designed like Superman, by day flats keeps your look casual but by night strap on some heels and elegant jewelry and that same maxi is nightlife ready. So don’t sweat it, follow these simple street style tips and you’ll be looking totally trendy in no time!

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