Meet Model Ikram Kebdani

The Moroccan Magic on Indian Ramp

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Ikram is a Moroccan model who lives in Netherland. Be it her million dollar smile or the sexy seductress look, Ikram, in the brief time that she was in India, was everywhere, be it the runway, the editorials or the cover pages. With her super-diva looks and gorgeously curly hair, people around asked who she was! Scheduled to make a comeback, we caught the glamour girl, to know more about her secret to good looks, her skin care and her side of story…

Meet Ikram Kebdani - Global Fashion Street

Testshoot Photographer: Sarah Katharina MUAH: Victoria Anna Greinecker

I realized the camera is in love with me the day I was born. It all started with Amsterdam Fashion Week, I was sixteen then. I love the runway and frankly, Modelling has taken me to places I would have never thought of otherwise. Modelling, by default, offers travelling, to be able to explore the world, add to that you are just being made to look fabulous all the time!

I am 24 and I really wish to continue as long as I can, and in the end, say that I made it, exactly where I wanted to be. The best part about the world of glamour is that there is taste for everyone. My favourite style is elegance and the class that comes in a long gown.

Meet Ikram Kebdani - Global Fashion Street

Ellements Magazine Photographer: M.e Amrani MUAH: Aida Banouche Styling: Nicole Lustolin & Sanaa Hamdaoui

Life in six inches heels is Painful but my fitness mantra is ‘Nothing hurts more than sitting on a couch.’ I am very particular about my skin care. Cleaning it every day is essential. I use natural products without alcohol from L’Occitane. I start with washing my face with a Face-wash gel. After that I use a tonic of natural plants, and then I put my night cream. When I wake up, I repeat it again.

Meet Ikram Kebdani - Global Fashion Street

Miami Colors Photographer: Chris Rey MUAH: Maria Arana Styling: Desiree Morales

I am a positive person. I believe that when you are positive, the positive energy will always be on your way. The world of modelling has taught me to be an Independent person. When you have to leave to some country, alone, you have to face it all by yourself.

Meet Ikram Kebdani - Global Fashion Street

Luks Marbella Fashion Show for Maryana Kamalova

I think each model has something special. Besides looks, you need to have a great character. Be happy while working, be yourself. The client will always remember you.

Long workings hours, sometimes are stressful and there is no time to eat, so I always carry candy with sugar, to at least give me some energy. My secret to energy is my best friend, Sam Abbasi owner of Sky Model Management. All the energy I get comes from her. Something she is always telling me ”Get up & Smile”.

I enjoyed shooting for Michael Costello at the Cannes Film Festival the most. He is such a big designer, so it was an honour to close the show for him and shooting for him. I would love to go and meet him again. And I hope to do a campaign for Chanel, it’s my favourite brand.

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