NOCTURNAL BLOOMS by Rashmi Khurana

Paintings that pulsate from a black surface to a fountain of colours

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Check out the solo exhibition of some brilliant artworks in abstract, displaying strong strokes in bright colours, by artist Rashmi Khurana. The paintings have a definite colour balance reflecting the artist’s focused vision on canvas, and at the same time bringing about a well defined aesthetic sense.

NOCTURNAL BLOOMS by Rashmi Khurana - Global Fashion Street

(L) Its all in the dreams- III | Acrylic on Canvas | 72×48 Inches | 2016 (R) Its all in the dreams – V | 2016 Acrylic 60 X 36 inches
Pictures Courtesy: Gireesh GV

Currently on display at the Shridharani Art Gallery, one of the oldest and the best Art Galleries of the capital, the showcase will be on till 17th September, 2016

NOCTURNAL BLOOMS by Rashmi Khurana - Global Fashion Street

Moon Songs I 2016 Acrylic 48 X 60 inches

Rashmi Khurana’s current suite of paintings explores and discovers an unfettered expression guided by the tenants of intuition and experimentation. The energy of her works is divorced from earthly concerns. They delve into a metaphysical space, expressing her transient moods and moments. Over the years Rashmi has honed her mastery over painting and now her works possess a plasticity and alacrity that only arises from a deeper engagement with the discipline of painting.

NOCTURNAL BLOOMS by Rashmi Khurana - Global Fashion Street

Artist, Rashmi Khurana

She has realized canvases that are shorn of recognizable forms or content with a narrative element. Her work moves towards a truly abstract expression that bears the countenance of her core essence. From a wild and restless energy, she has approached a calm that comes to rest in the harmony of colors and strokes.  The dark nocturnal blooms that are born on her canvas represent a vigor that has matured and is more thought provoking. She is a silent witness to her own contemplative explorations.

An Exclusive Exhibition of Astonishing Photographs - Global Fashion Street

Midnight Sun-III | Acrylic on Canvas | 36 X 48 inches |2016

“Paintings for NOCTURNAL BLOOMS are immersed in variety of vibrant colors as if moving in a circle of tremendous aliveness.Putting up this exhibition with Georgina Maddox was enriching, it was hectic yet very existential. I am grateful to the whole team of Niv for their support and encouragement,” says the artist.

NOCTURNAL BLOOMS by Rashmi Khurana - Global Fashion Street

Moon Songs III 2016 Acrylic 48 X 60 inches | Acrylic on Canvas

Rashmi’s art has not evolved with the jargon or discipline of ‘post-modern’ or ‘contemporary’ academics, by pure virtue of her lived reality, Rashmi brings to the table a certain dialogue about her identity that is not explicit but rather intrinsic in her work.

Having established herself as an important voice among abstract painters, Rashmi is now ready to excavate deeper layers of the self, providing a space for reflection and rejuvenation through her dark nocturnal canvases that pulsate from a black surface to a fountain of colour…the journey into the self is an endless one.

Curation & Text: Georgina Maddox

Pictures courtesy Gireesh GV

The Show will be on continuation at NIV ART GALLERY from 20th September, 2016 –  210, Block A 1, Neb Sarai, Near Ignou, Sainik Farm, New Delhi, Delhi 110062 & will conclude on 9th October, 2016

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