Probably the Most Underrated Accessory to Complete Your Streetwear

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When we think of streetwear accessories, a lot comes to mind. Stylish kicks, the perfect hat, or a bag that walks the fine line between chic and pretentious. So it might surprise you to find out that sunglasses are the key to rocking the streetwear trend that you’ve been chasing, but that they also come with a whole host of other benefits that you definitely don’t want to miss out on. Doing everything from protecting your eyes to amping up your confidence, sunglasses just might be the most underrated accessory that you’re not using enough. Read on to find out exactly why you should expand your sunglasses inventory and why you should absolutely never leave home without them – snow or shine.

1. Style
When it comes to style, there’s no easier way to complete your look than sunglasses. They’re a fairly affordable accessory that can last you years to come with the right care and they bring so much to your outfit – so much so, that you’ll start to feel not fully dressed without your trusty sunnies. From casual to formal, sunglasses never look out of place (okay, okay, except maybe inside) and work everywhere from the beach to a garden wedding. Plus, they come in endless styles for the ultimately versatility in your look, and if you’re after the streetwear trend, sunglasses are an absolute must to look on point. But not all sunglasses are made equal: sunglasses that you bought on a three for ten sale just aren’t going to look or feel that great – not to mention protect your eyes (but more on that later). Browse the Bailey Nelson collection for the trendiest, well-made sunglasses that are a must have for your wardrobe.

Probably the Most Underrated Accessory to Complete Your Streetwear - Global Fashion Street

2. Protection
Your eyes need protection from the sun. Too often, we simply squint to get by and that’s not what your precious peepers deserve (also, hello crow’s feet). Skipping the sunglasses repeatedly can cause a number of vision problems over time: the UV rays can damage your vision and lead to scary eye diseases down the line, and damage can occur even on cloudy or winter days so make sure to keep a pair of sunglasses with you at all times. Who knew such a stylish accessory could also potentially save your vision?

Probably the Most Underrated Accessory to Complete Your Streetwear - Gloabl Fashion Street

3. Visibility
Not only do they heroically protect your eyes, sunglasses also make your life a heck of a lot easier. Sunglasses prevent glare and brightness, but not only just from the sun’s rays’; they also block the brightness that bounces off water, snow, sand and anything else that’s reflective. This becomes incredibly important when driving, but it’s also helpful anytime we’re outside because they also increase contrast when it’s hazy or overcast out. Plus, this cuts down on eye strain, because comfort first!

Probably the Most Underrated Accessory to Complete Your Streetwear - Gloabl Fashion Street

4. Confidence
Sunglasses are always in style, but they have the added feature of literally obscuring or completely hiding your eyes. You might not realize it at the time, but this can be a huge confidence boost anytime you might be feeling nervous or vulnerable (like say, talking one-on-one with your crush). Having the option to disguise your first reactions and adding a little intrigue to your persona is massive in terms of a confidence booster. In fact, the next time you’re without your sunglasses, you might just realize how much you wish you had them – and not just for comfort’s sake. This ties in with style, but sunglasses are an accessory that boosts your self-esteem in ways that a sweater or new pair of pants simply can’t rival. And we’ll take it.

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