Spring Summer styles of 2016

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Global Fashion Street brings you Spring Summer styles of 2016 and latest collection from the makers of style and fashion industry.

Spring Summer styles of 2016 - Global Fashion Street

Well, two things are clear- the spring/summer of 2016 is going to be cheerful and cheerful in some bold lines of checks and plaids. Patterns of lines are back in fashion. The Aztec print has given way to more bold graphics of modern styling. Along with those big-bold floral prints that personify happiness in every shade.

Spring Summer styles of 2016 - Global Fashion Street

With Pantone Colour Institute declaring these ten colours for the season, the year ahead looks promisingly elegant, subtle yet stylish. Rose Quartz, Peach Echo, Serenity, Snorkel Blue, Buttercup, Limpet Shell, Lilac Gray, Fiesta, Iced Coffee and Green Flash, Colours of style that ooze out subtleties of elegance and sophistication while at the same time when you throw them all together you get a dash of vibrant hues. Most of the top labels have followed suit and the collections for Spring Summer 2016 reflect a bright season ahead.

And this year, for the first time ever, Pantone has declared not one but two shades as the colours of the year. Rose quartz and Serenity, the two are delicate in nature but the combination is nothing short of sophistication redefined.

Let’s take a pick from what the masters of the trade have to offer from their atelier.

Spring Summer styles of 2016 - Global Fashion Street

This year’s Tom Ford Spring Summer 2016 collection has some remarkable short skirts with a hint of animal prints combined with layered tops in pantone shades in graphic prints.


Spring Summer styles of 2016 - Global Fashion Street

For men, Cavalli brings in some breather in his patent animal prints in shades of blue and pink along with a white thin leather belt and golf shoes while for women he has played around with Pantone shades in some garden prints.

Spring Summer styles of 2016 - Global Fashion Street

Saint Laurent keeps it elegant; the peppy colour of rose quartz, pink and shades of blue in summer dresses, jackets, skirts and quarter length pants.

Spring Summer styles of 2016 - Global Fashion Street

Spring Summer styles of 2016 - Global Fashion Street

The house of Chanel for their spring summer 2016 presents a mix of all the pantone colour declarations in lines of all orders. Short dresses, jumpsuits and casual two-piece suits for men in the bold combination of colours, teamed with white shirt.

Spring Summer styles of 2016 - Global Fashion Street

While the classic Dior presents its black and white in short dresses and palazzos, the sailor style; the ready-to-wear cruise collection sticks to Pantone shades of the season, in flowy prints of lines and motifs.

Spring Summer styles of 2016 - Global Fashion Street

So, this Spring Summer 2016, splurge yourself in some vibrant hues of happiness!

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