What Kind of Shirts Men Should Not Wear

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What Kind of Shirts Men Should Not Wear - Global Fashion Street

Boys in college have a common term they use when describing clothes they’ll be wearing out, the ‘going out shirts’. Let me be very, very clear with here. There is no such thing. No ‘going out shirt’, just like there is no ‘staying in’ shirt. Here’s a handy piece of advice for all such fellas, let’s grow up a little, shall we? And move on to better, more classy-looking custom made dress shirts, that don’t make you look like a slob or goof, that everyone snickers at.

You must be wondering now, what does a tacky shirt look like? Well, let’s be honest here. You definitely must have at least two or three of those hanging in your closet. Those graphic tees embellished/embroidered shirts, or those bold-patterned, dark-colored shirts that you keep for ‘going out’. Yes, those. They are not acceptable. Set them on fire, burn them. Do not wear them outside, not unless you enjoy being made fun of.

What Makes A Shirt Not Acceptable?

Follow through these pointers as if your life depended on it.

What Kind of Shirts Men Should Not Wear - Global Fashion Street

1. No graphic t-shirts. No matter how funny you found them before, there is nothing that shows immaturity like an apparently funny graphic tee. You are not a high school student anymore, act like a man.

2. No elaborate embroidery. Let’s not go for a feminine touch that makes you look like a colorful, smothering aunt rather than a sophisticated college student. Even if you aren’t aiming for sophistication (which, by the way, I think everyone is aiming for), you need to have a neat and clean cut look, not a sloppy one.

What Kind of Shirts Men Should Not Wear - Global Fashion Street

3. No bold-patterns. Just not okay. Your rule of thumb must be to opt for small, neat and tidy patterns, not big, in-the-face patterns that give you the look of a slacker. If you have any LARGE pinstriped dress shirts in your closet, throw them out. Now. Go for small patterned, tailored dress shirts, that don’t have extra buttons stuck in odd places.

4. Dark, odd colors. Experiment with colors but stick to the traditional dress shirt colors like white, light blue, gray. You can never go wrong with these dress shirts. Pair them up with slacks, or dark, well-fitted jeans, and you’re good to go. Remember this the next time you go to buy dress shirts, after throwing out the dark, odd-colored ones out.

What Can You Wear Instead?

What Kind of Shirts Men Should Not Wear - Global Fashion Street

You can never go wrong with custom fit dress shirts that not only fit you well, but are made of small patterned fabric, neutral in color like white, light red, light blue, gray.

If you’ve finished high school, you’re officially done with your teenage angst phase and need to find a better clothing sense. Get rid of all your shirts that fit into any of the above categories and get yourself some classy, sophisticated, tailored dress shirts.

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