Acceptance accept it or not

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Acceptance accept it or not. Let’s begin by asking a few questions to ourselves.

Have you ever wanted to get accepted the way you are?

Has it ever cropped up in your mind on why you should change?

Have you ever wondered why others don’t always do the things you want/ask them to do?

Have you ever had discussions/ Arguments / disconnects with your Parents, Spouse or kids on how you should always do certain things in certain way .

Has it ever lead to unrest in our thoughts /feelings / emotions? Do we even get more particular in doing things “Our Way”


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Well if this rings a bell ….u should definitely read on …….

Would you agree that we are a product of our upbringing, our experience , our learning and most importantly our Choices ! Let’s look at an age old example to explore this.

Half a glass is filled with water …Two different people may look at differently. One looks at the filled part and has all data points to prove he/she is correct. (This can also be proven scientifically!) The other one looks at empty part and will have all data points to prove his/her part. Who is actually correct / incorrect?


That is one critical lesson ….each person is correct based on their understanding of life! (No matter how limited or vast it is) The mode of transportation taken in the journey of life will have a definite impact on the kind of experiences. Time taken to cover the distance, the ease of travel, amount spent for the travel …et al will vary and the beauty is that everyone is correct.

How many of us are pet lovers? Do we love and accept our pets the way they are … if the answer is yes …it could possibly be because they accept us the way we are .Lets look at little babies , they don’t love you based on how you look , feel , think… they just love you . And that may be one reason why we all love them! As they keep growing older , they may develop certain perceptions about us and our outlook also changes…..we may start pin pointing mistakes ..and sometimes we forget to see the beautiful side of them and only focus on things they should get better at!


One more time …So the acceptance is higher when the other party does not judge you or you don’t feel judged …..umm…..can we become the other party for some one!

Let’s look at the magic of Acceptance!

If someone is better than you in some areas and you accept it, it translates into motivation, If you don’t …it translates into jealousy

When something is not happening the way I want it to happen it converts into anger / frustration / agitation and when I accept it, it translates into tolerance / patience / ability to learn a new perspective.

There is a whole different Paradigm to this also. It’s about accepting ourselves the way we are!!!

How many of us

• Have struggled or still struggle to prove to ourselves/others time and again that you can do certain tasks?

• Have made changes (We may like or not like just to feel accepted?

• Are happy with the way we look? Our Weight, size, hair, Knowledge, background?

When we look into the mirror, do we accept the smile on our face or notice the wrinkle that has just come up , Experience the sparkle in the eye , or the eye brows that are not perfect !

We are perfect in all ways , When our acceptance is higher for ourselves , it will reflect in our acceptance for others and the Magic will begin to flow !

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8 thoughts on “Acceptance accept it or not”

  1. Hey Ruchi,
    Very thoughtful. So nicely written n very engaging.
    Its true that we are busy impressing others n expecting things the way we want that we forget the real essence of life…

  2. Great work….as u start reading it , it with connects with u at a personal level and then u just want it to go on and on…I have now got my mental exercise to do…acceptance of all around 🙂

  3. Very nicely explained the essence of life as how the journey of life becomes easy by just accepting things and not judging them or tagging them into right or wrong ! Keep sharing ure insights Ruchi Di !! Great content !!

  4. Excellent article . The language is smooth, easy to comprehend and engaging while the contents are extremely thought provoking.

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