So much to look for

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Why is it important to balance our life?
Why is there unrest between brother, sister, husband and wife?
What is it that takes it away?
Why does it push our happiness on the bay?

So much to look for - Global Fashion Street

Balance in Body, Mind, Soul and Emotion,
Are very critical, irrespective of what the notion.
They are four wheels of a vehicle
Perfect balance leads to a miracle!!

Our food takes the shape to form our body,
Why not eat consciously, to nourish our body,
Exercising is like pumping new blood,
It blossoms a beautiful flower from a bud.

So much to look for - Global Fashion Street

Thinking Well changes the game,
From the streets to the hall of fame.
How we Think is what rings the bell,
Opening the door to a new world outside our shell ,

Fear, Jealousy, Anger, Sadness and Joy,
Manage them consciously, else they destroy
When was the last time you felt: happy and thrilled
Leading a life truly fulfilled.

So much to look for - Global Fashion Street

Our Attitude to Gratitude brings the change
It opens our Network and increases the range,
In Our journey from one to eighty – five
When were we thankful for just being alive?

Balancing our life is not science, but an Art,
Practicing it makes life Perfect for the most Part !

So much to look for - Global Fashion Street

What are you waiting for, begin Now,
For Serenity and Peace are waiting for you to allow !

Only if we understand to Balance it all ,
Our life would make sense After all.

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Ruchi brings along with a Rich experience of 15 years in the field of Behavioral and Leadership skills training in the Corporate World. She is a Reiki Master and has been practicing it for 16 years . She runs her own workshop – “Love , Laugh and Live , FLY ( Fall in love with yourself ) with an objective to help everyone lead a fulfilled life.

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